What Are Dummy Security Cameras And Why You Should Ignore Them?

What Are Dummy Security Cameras And Why You Should Ignore Them?

The primary reason for which you’d want a security camera in your home or workplace is that they help in deterring crime. Reports have already proved that people are far less likely to commit a crime when they are being watched (either knowingly or unknowingly). This is the exact reason why many people out there install dummy cameras as a result.

Dummy cameras can be defined by fake cameras that almost look like real ones. People tend to install these cameras because they are not only cheaper but also assist in stopping criminals or thieves. However, you should learn that these cameras, even though can help you save money, will be highly disadvantageous in the long-term. Let’s find out how.

The Disadvantages Of Using Dummy Security Cameras

  1. They Are Quickly Identifiable

Even though dummy cameras might look like real ones at your first glance, experienced thieves can easily tell the differences from the real one. One of the biggest signs that will tell you that the camera is fake is the red blinking light on the camera. The light is meant to let you know that the camera is recording, but truth to be told, it’s the major sign that says the camera is fake.

One of the other signs that will be quickly identifiable is the movements. A fake camera will move in random directions, thereby not tracking anything. An experienced criminal will feel no harm stealing from a place using dummy cameras because they know that they are not recorded at all.

  1. They Don’t Offer Protection

Unlike home security cameras, fake cameras don’t offer any protection. The appearance of the dummy cameras may help in stopping some amount of crimes, but crimes can actually happen especially if the thieves learn that the cameras are dummy.

The whole point of installing security cameras is to be able to record footage that you can later view or provide to the police as evidence if any crimes happen. But, the same concept goes out of the window when you install fake cameras at your workplace or home. It will serve no purpose.

  1. They Provide A False Sense Of Security

One of the other demerits of using dummy cameras is that – they provide you with a false sense of security and thereby can even mislead others as well. People generally tend to view security cameras as a proper eye-witness in case any crime takes place. But, the same cannot be possible with the help of dummy cameras.

That’s the reason why we always suggest in investing real-world security cameras that work and function like they are supposed to. In case you’re planning to install security cameras, be sure to reach us and let us know. We’d definitely help you out.

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