Why does your architectural photography portfolio get rejected?

Why does your architectural photography portfolio get rejected?

Feeling rejected and dejected? It’s natural that you are very frustrated because your architectural photography portfolio got rejected once again! And often when the rejection continues to happen, you feel like leaving this career already and opt for another one. But don’t lose hope so soon. When you have talent and your work is really awesome, you need not change the field of work, no matter what happens! But yes, there are some changes you need to make! And that will be in your portfolio!

Ø  Reasons your architectural picture-portfolio wasn’t able to impress your clients!

When the question is about getting good architectural contracts, your portfolio is a complete representation of your work, talent, and your approach to various places, buildings, and structures. But if these get rejected, it means you aren’t conveying your message and talent perfectly to the clients. So basically, there is something wrong in your portfolio. So, it’s time to finally find out what is wrong here and solve it immediately.

o   Your cover page isn’t enticing — While a portfolio is a clear representation of your work, its cover page depicts its worth! And if your cover page doesn’t have the power to instigate your clients to open the same, then your efforts in designing it go in vain. So, design a fascinating cover page with one of your fabulous work on it and a flashy title.

o   Your pictures aren’t that good — You definitely gave your best in designing some classy architectural work. But did your photographer do the same? Do you know if the cameraman can do justice to your work or not? That is why to ensure that your photographs come out the best, hire an architectural photographer in London from Graham Atkin Hughes. They’ll click your architectural talent perfectly and you could also pick up the nuances by observing them. Then onwards, your portfolio will never come back without impressing others.

o   Your description isn’t well written — The description you provide in your portfolio below your work isn’t that impressive and fails to give your clients the perfect description and idea behind the design. Well, it’s because of these incomplete or mistaken details that your portfolio gets rejected. So, you definitely need to do a lot of homework here.

o   You aren’t presenting your best work in your portfolio— It is clearly understood that if you want to get the attention of your clients and want to evolve as a winner from the masses, you’ll definitely have to showcase your best work in your portfolio. Come on, it’s your first and last chance! Ensure that your designs are totally mesmerising and the best ones from your collection.

o   You need to totally redo your work — Well, if your portfolio isn’t doing its job, then maybe even you aren’t using your talent properly. So, try working hard and remaking the entire portfolio with fresh work and better images. This upgrade may help you get those clients once again.

Now we are sure you won’t take a second chance. It’s time to work on the highlighted areas once again and get the attention that you truly deserve.

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