Why should you start a wholesale t-shirt printing business in 2021? A few important reasons

Why should you start a wholesale t-shirt printing business in 2021? A few important reasons

Today, there isn’t any better time for you to launch a t-shirt printing business than right now. You need to gauge the scopes and also take necessary action.  And right from the initial undershirt of the U.S Navy to what NY Times proclaimed as a medium for a message, today, T-shirts are everywhere. 

And since the 1970s, T-shirts have become a potent tool for sharing messages. There have been t-shirts that promote hot dogs, beer, movies, and rock groups. And much more than various other attires, usually T-shirts enable people to share their message with all without loudly saying anything. 

Do you want to know why you should go ahead and start your wholesale t shirt printing business today? If yes, you can count on the following pointers:

The custom t-shirts domain is a famous and expanding industry

In the past few years, the demand for t-shirts with movie logos of TV series, games, movies, and slogans has increased. However, those days are gone when individuals purchased t-shirts. Also, today, organizations usually use t-shirts for branding to maximize branding and get people’s attention. The t-shirts also play an essential role in generating social awareness, supporting a cause, and raising a voice that impacts the market expansion. 

Today, there are more scopes to expand and grow. The Grand View Research suggests that the international t-shirt printing vertical valued 3.64 billion USD in 2020. And it is said to expand at a yearly growth rate of 9.7% between 2021 and 2028. Also, back in the United States, IBISWorld stated that sales of the T-shirt industry might exceed $516.4 million in 2021. And this number has expanded quicker than the digital retail sector all through, making it appear lucrative to the new entrants. Hence, if you wish to opt-in for the t-shirt printing business, it is a good time. 

The pandemic has increased the sales of custom t-shirts

The pandemic outbreak affected every industry sector, from hospitality to finance. And fashion, owing to its discretionary nature, is highly vulnerable. According to a report by McKinsey, more than 65% of customers are likely to bring down their expenditure on apparel. 

However, the pandemic has maximized the sales of online clothing. According to the Adobe Analytics information, the sales of T-shirts increased 47% in April 2020. Also, other reports suggested that after the pandemic affected North America, the amount of T-shirt orders had increased almost five times than what it was before the pandemic. The overall percentage of the wholesale consumers ordering printing attire increased by 16%. 

One wonders why this happened. One plausible explanation could be that people moved towards stay-at-home and comfortable clothing brands. They were making the most of the comfort clothing trend. Hence, t-shirts became more popular than ever. 

Also, t-shirts are an easy-to-make, affordable item that is perfect for selling and making. And on average, it costs less than $7 for the production, allowing the brands to sell anything between $40 and $50. The other reason for T-shirt sales increase during this time are people willing to support the small businesses. 

It’s an excellent medium for making extra money

The Reuter analysis suggested that the U.S economy in 2020 had lesser jobs. About 3.37 million people lost their jobs permanently. Several Americans witnessed trouble in paying their bills. Others have borrowed cash from family and friends and obtained food from the food bank. Hence, the more we delve deep into the financial issues because of the pandemic, the more we will discover the relevance of having various income sources. 

The good news is that it’s never too late to diversify your income, and you can begin currently by coming up with a t-shirt printing business. Each person has one t-shirt irrespective of their gender or age. Hence, a t-shirt business can enable you to make some extra cash within a short time. And if the t-shirts you print can deliver a message that resonates with the people, the chances are that they will purchase your product. 

A t-shirt printing business is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money. You can put your free time to use here. 

The sustainable printing processes are trending

Earlier, people based their purchasing decision on quality and price. That is still valid! However, with global warming, natural disasters, and pollution, the new-age customers today are aware of the environmental stability. Today, they pay more attention to how brands manufacture products, source materials, and give back to various communities. 

Today, there are several sustainable t-shirt printing techniques that get developed for catering to customer’s expectations. Some companies make use of the direct-to-garment process, which is 100% waterless. Hence, there is no need for steaming, pre-treatment, or washing. The process makes use of biodegradable ink and an energy-saving process that makes it an environment-friendly solution. 

Once you go through the pointers discussed above, you will learn why investing in a wholesale t-shirt printing business.

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