Creative Ways of Decluttering Your House

Creative Ways of Decluttering Your House

No one enjoys living in a cluttered place. It might take you hours to find one small item if you habitually leave your house overly messy. And that is neither healthy time management nor tidiness.

Decluttering is highly essential. It is a significant way to indulge in house-care and take control of your home, belongings, and life. Apart from creating physical space, decluttering creates mental space and leads to self-satisfaction and contentment. Decluttering raises self-esteem, reduces the risk of stress and anxiety, and improves lifestyles.

Decluttering also has several health benefits, including better sleep and lesser allergies. If you share a home with roommates, decluttering can help strengthen relationships and cultivate a happy environment. And the most valuable benefit of decluttering is the fact that everything will be in its proper place. With decluttering, you have to move your items here and there constantly. While it might sound strenuous, it is pretty beneficial because you are also getting your daily dose of physical activity along with cleaning.

Now let’s talk about a few creative ways to declutter your house.

Rent storage units

Storage facilities are a blessing in disguise, especially for those who are a stickler for neatness. They provide you with guaranteed security to store all your belongings. Storage units are immensely advantageous, especially if you are having a hard time disposing of your items. You can store all your unneeded objects in your rented units. That way, neither will your house look untidy nor will you have to let go of some of your stuff.

Most self-storage facilities come in different sizes and features and are present in various regions. Residents fort Worth, Texas, should check out Revelstoke storage facilities for fair rates and multiple options with exceptional services.

Avoid doing everything all at once

The biggest mistake people make while decluttering their house is that they try to finish everything at once. Unfortunately, the only outcome you get from doing so is a considerable loss of energy and time. Instead, an efficient manner of partaking in the decluttering process is to time yourself. It will help if you designate a short amount of time every day to declutter a specific part of your house. That way, you won’t burn out and will also see good results.

You can either assign a total of thirty to forty continuous minutes of daily cleaning or five to ten minutes spread over your entire day. It would help if you try out both and see what works for you best. You can further consider taking the 12-12-12 challenge. Every day, choose 12 items to throw away, 12 things to donate, and 12 items to keep. Remember, the idea is to get work done instead of unnecessarily exhausting yourself.

Make use of the three-box method

The most concerning issue with decluttering is consistency. Many people declutter their house for the first few days and then stop. To keep the momentum going, you can try using the three-box method. It is an excellent practice that allows you to clean and declutter your belongings alongside your daily activities.

You have to separate three boxes. One for items to throw away where all your belongings that are now useless and no longer needed go. The second box is for items to give away, including things you don’t use anymore but might benefit others. You can either sell them at a second-hand store or give them to charity. And the last box is for items to put away. All your stuff that requires shifting to a different room of your house goes inside the box.

Always declutter your kitchen as well

Although the kitchen is one of the untidy rooms in most houses, many people don’t consider decluttering their kitchens. However, cleaning the kitchen is as essential as any other room. A few ways you can declutter your kitchen include:

  • Limiting bulky items
  • Investing in separate long-term food containers
  • Regularly checking all electronic appliances and discarding the unfixable ones
  • Don’t keep more than required tableware
  • Don’t have too many spares
  • Be practical with where you place your kitchen items

Maintain a donation box

As mentioned above, consistency is essential when it comes to decluttering. Even when you complete most of your decluttering, you have to be careful about clutter creeping back in and disorganizing your place yet again. An excellent way to maintain a decluttered home is to set aside a box of donations.

Whenever you come across any of your belongings you do not require anymore, you can throw them in the donation box. That way, you won’t be forming unnecessary piles and also helping those in need. Donating your items is the most humane and helpful step you can take. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of helping others.

Rearrange your space

Another brilliant tip that helps in decluttering is frequently rearranging the furniture around your house. It doesn’t have to include changing everything. Still, one of the main items includes changing your couch’s position or swapping your curtains. The idea behind rearranging is that it will force you to address the junk and help you clear all items you no longer need.

However, before rearranging your space, you must consider the function of each room. Choose a focal point, experiment with angles, and don’t obstruct windows and doors.

Go vertical

Decluttering involves finding efficient storage solutions. Even after putting away all your unnecessary items, there might still be many items left to store. Going vertical, whether adding shelves, extra cabinets or dividers, is often an effective solution.

It helps maximize your storage space and gives all your items a respective home. You might even find room for some of the things you were considering discarding.


Decluttering is a challenging task. For some people, it’s highly time-consuming, while for some, it’s not. What’s crucial is figuring out the pace you are most comfortable with and working accordingly. Besides, rushing things will not yield satisfying results.

Also, as mentioned before, decluttering commences incrementally but becomes more complex as you continue. Ensure you don’t over-exhaust yourself to remain consistent with your task.

Decluttering can be overwhelming but fun at the same time with all the creative ways mentioned above.

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