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Why Used Generators are a Plus for Commercial Use

Has your company ever had to face a power outage during working hours? If so, then you understand how quickly operations can start to break down. +

Not to mention the fact that you still have to maintain your business expenses during periods of downtime, too.

With an average loss of $10,000 per hour for business owners during a power outage, you can’t afford not to consider a commercial backup generator.

Help prepare your business for an emergency by reading this short guide on the benefits of commercial generators.

How Do Commercial Generators Work?

A commercial generator is designed to turn itself on once it detects a power failure automatically. After that, there is nothing further you need to do. You still have a business to run, after all.

The main component of a commercial generator is the automatic transfer switch. This switch cuts the power from the main utility line to your commercial building and delivers power from a new line connected to the generator.

This process only takes a few seconds, and the generator will shut off when power is restored to the main utility line.

How to Choose a Commercial Generator

Knowing what to look for when buying a new or used generator for commercial applications ensures that your business never has to shut down. Commercial generators are designed to handle large-scale power applications and are built to strict industrial standards.

They will handle higher heat and electricity associated with long-running, commercial-level applications.

Use the following information to help you in selecting your commercial generator. Or, click for more details.

Generator Size

A commercial generator will require the knowledge of an expert electrician to find the correct size for your application. In addition, unlike a residential generator, you can’t simply add up the total wattage of your appliances and make the purchase.


Type of Fuel

You will want to carefully consider the type of fuel used when finding a used generator for sale. In most cases, diesel fuel is regarded as the best fuel for commercial applications.

Other generators run from gasoline, propane, and natural gas. Consider the cost and efficiency of sourcing the fuel you need for your generator according to your location.

You will want to carefully consider the type of fuel used when finding a used generator for sale. In most cases, diesel fuel is regarded as the best fuel for commercial applications.

Generator Power Phase

Most utility power that is connected to your residential home is called single-phase. This powers typical 120/240-volt appliances in your home. For commercial applications, this phase will usually not work.

Large commercial buildings and farms use a heavier duty phase of electricity called three-phase. Always check with your utility company to know which phase will be needed for your specific business application.

Don’t Let a Power Outage Stop Your Business

With a used commercial generator, you will never have to lose valuable production time again during a power outage. With a bit of help from your local utility company and professional electrician, you can begin to discuss the best commercial generator options for your current business.

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