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Eye Drops for Dry Eyes: What Are Your Options

Dealing with dry eyes can also be due to simple reasons and also due to some serious issue. We usually tend to ignore our eyes and do not take adequate care of them.

Dry eyes can happen due to dry or cold weather or extreme usage of eye makeup. These can be simple reasons, but they can also be a result of some health conditions.

If the dryness continues to happen for more time, you should take it seriously. Never consider it as anللدموعبديل (alternative to tears), but instead consult a doctor. If you to know more about dry eyes, continue reading this article for more details.

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The Causes of Dry Eyes.

Below is the list of reasons that can cause your eyes to be dry:

  • If there is less tear production in your eye, it can be the cause of dry eyes. The moisture in your eye is related to tear production.
  • Pregnancy might also cause your eye to be dry.
  • Hormonal issues in a woman may also be the cause of dry eyes.
  • If you are suffering from any kind of allergies that are seasonal can also be the cause of dry eyes.
  • Wearing lenses can be the reason for dry eyes, so you should not wear them regularly.
  • Changes in the immune system and older age can also be the cause of dry eyes.

Are Preservatives Good in Eye Drops?

There are two types of eye drops with preservatives or without preservatives. The ones with preservatives have the following characteristics:

  • If you are willing to stop the growth of bacteria in your eyes, you need to buy eye drops with preservatives.
  • If you have sensitive eyes, you should not use eye drops with preservatives as they can irritate.
  • If you are dealing with a severe eyes problem, do not use eye drops with preservatives.

The ones without preservatives have the following characteristics:

  • People with sensitive eyes can use these eye drops without preservatives.
  • As they are much safer to use than the preservatives ones, they tend to be more expensive.

When to Take Dry Eyes Seriously?

You can treat your minor eye dryness with over-the-counter eye drops. But if your eyes start to stay red or dry continuously without any particular reasons is time to consult a doctor.

Keep your eye check-up regular throughout the year or at least once a year. Once the doctor identifies the reason behind the dryness or infection, he will suggest an appropriate medication in the form of eye drops or eye ointments.

Conclusion: Eye Drops for Dry Eyes: What Are Your Options?

Eye drops are usually the suggestion by the doctor for an eye infection. The level and frequency of dose will depend on the amount of the eye infection.

It is easier to take over-the-counter medications but consulting a doctor may give better results. Never overuse the eye drops as only the drops required should be used.

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