4 Health Risks Associated With Smoking Tobacco

4 Health Risks Associated With Smoking Tobacco

Many products exist for smokers. Some, like cigarettes and cigars, contain tobacco. Others like e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, but instead use e-juice . You are probably aware that using tobacco and smoking comes with serious potential health consequences. However, do you know what these consequences are? Here are four of the health risks that come with smoking.

  1. Smoking Has Been Shown To Cause Cancer

Based on research, various health associations like the American Cancer Society have concluded that smoking tobacco carries the risk of contracting cancer. This includes not only lung cancer, the cancer that normally comes to mind when a person thinks about smoking, but also cervix cancer, liver cancer, larynx cancer, stomach cancer and numerous other types of cancer. Cancer contracted from smoking kills hundreds of thousands of Americans each year.

  1. Smoking Has Been Shown To Damage the Whole Body

Besides causing cancer, smoking tobacco has also been proven to cause significant damage to the whole body, contributing to the development of other serious health conditions. It can damage any organ in your body. Studies have shown it to be capable of damaging the heart, lungs and other body parts, as well as being linked to heart disease, strokes, heart attacks and other related illnesses.

  1. Smoking Has Been Shown To Cause Fertility Issues

Smoking tobacco has also been found to affect the ability to bear progeny in both men and women. Women who smoke may have a harder time becoming pregnant in the first place. If they smoke while pregnant, both mother and fetus may suffer health complaints. Issues like miscarriage, birth defects, cleft palates, stillbirths, premature births and more have occurred in women who have smoked while pregnant. Men who smoke may experience problems with their sperm, thus lowering their fertility. Their sperm may also impart the risk for birth defects or possible miscarriage. Smoking does not harm simply the user, but the chance of procreating and the results of any procreation.

  1. Smoking Has Been Shown To Hurt Bystanders

Smoking tobacco is a personal choice. However, it is a choice that can have long-term negative effects on those around you, innocents who don’t smoke themselves. Those who inhale your second-hand smoking, passive smokers, are at risk of contracting the same health problems as those who smoke the actual cigarette, pipe or cigar. They bear the risk without having the choice.

Smoking cigarettes, or using any tobacco product, comes with severe consequences. It is not an activity that should be taken up without serious consideration and thought. So the next time you think about smoking, consider these possible effects.

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