5 Photography Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos

5 Photography Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos

Photography is an art form and should not be confined to certain rules or strict expectations. Each person has their interpretation of art and how they’d like to express themselves. However, some techniques have been known to appeal to the eye and attract viewers.

Photography has evolved a lot since 1826 and there’s something to be said about someone who can capture a scene flawlessly! Whether you are picking up a new hobby or you’re a seasoned photographer looking for new inspiration, you can try some of these photography techniques to help. Continue reading to learn!

  1. The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds may be the most well-known composition technique in the photography world. You simply divide the frame into nine equal rectangles using four gridlines. You then use the gridlines to place essential elements of the photo along the lines.

The four power points (where lines overlap) in the middle of the frame can be used to place areas of focus as well. Professional photographers use this simple technique for framing a shot to consistently produce better photos.

  1. Juxtaposition

A juxtaposition is a compositional tool in photography that includes two or more elements. These elements either complement or contrast each other. Either approach can help you tell a story.

An example of this would be contrasting the natural essence of a flower with a man-made structure. Another example would be capturing an old home with skyscrapers looming in the background. With this concept in mind, it can help you find a better composition.

  1. Rule of Odds

The Rule of Odds is the simple concept that having an odd number of objects in the photo is more visually appealing than an even number. This is supported by the theory that an even number is too distracting for our brains. An odd number allows us to focus on an element.

Of course, this isn’t always true! Don’t be afraid to play around with symmetry.

  1. Isolate the Subject

Less is sometimes more and a great way to do so is by isolating your subject. You can do so by using a shallow depth of field. Using a wide aperture will create a blur in the background and highlight your main subject.

Another way of doing so is by editing your photos in post. You can remove background elements completely which is great for portraits or creating stock images.

  1. Leading Lines

Leading lines can be used to direct the viewer’s eyes to focus on important elements. Paths, patterns, walls, roadways, etc are all wonderful leading lines that you might find success with. These lines don’t have to be straight either.

Photography Techniques to Improve Your Photography

These are just a handful of photography techniques that are taught to photographers of every skill level. Finding good composition is just as essential to finding the best lighting.

Next time you are feeling uninspired, try using one of these simple techniques!

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