Diesel Generators: What They Are

Diesel Generators: What They Are

What are diesel generators?

Diesel generators are the type of generator that work with diesel and also those that work with some type of compatible vegetable oil. Well, the engine responsible for transmitting the mechanical energy to the alternator is a diesel engine.

Diesel engine

The diesel engine, like the gasoline engine, is an internal combustion engine but uses gas-oil (diesel), another liquid hydrocarbon derived from petroleum other than gasoline, although they can also work with other oils of vegetable origin.

What does the word diesel mean?

The word diesel comes from the surname of Rudolf Diesel, German engineer who invented this type of engine. It was in 1893 when Rudolf built the world’s first engine that worked by burning vegetable oil. Later, a more stable and economical product was obtained from refined oil, gas oil. The word diesel is used both to refer to the engine that runs on diesel, and to this new hydrocarbon. When a plant-based fuel is used, the word biodiesel is used.

Characteristics of diesel generators

Diesel generators on roof, commercial or industrial buildings have particular characteristics that differentiate them from gasoline generators and make their use and applications different.

Diesel generator are usually larger in size and offer greater power. They tend to consume less, but they are also noisier. Its useful life and efficiency is greater, but on the contrary, the repair of its possible faults are more expensive.

They are used as standby generators in large buildings such as hospitals and hotels so as not to run out of electricity in the event of power outages. This type of generator allows its use for a prolonged time, unlike gasoline generators, in which it is necessary for the device to “rest” a few hours between periods of use.

There are also small diesel generator, they are called portable diesel generator. Their power can be equal to that of a gasoline generator.

So, when would it be advisable to use a diesel generator? Diesel generator are recommended for longer uses. The fact that diesel engines consume less than gasoline generators is also a very important fact. To know the power you need, you must add the power of all the devices that are going to be plugged into the generator, taking into account whether or not there are starting peaks that require extra energy at the time of start-up.

How do diesel generators work?

The operation of portable diesel generator is the same as that of gasoline generators. The only difference is in the fuel. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adapt to the characteristics of each particular model.

Large standby generators are usually permanently installed ready to go. Therefore, its start-up occurs automatically when the power supply fails.

The use and handling of large diesel generator must be carried out by qualified personnel while portable (or smaller) diesel generators can be used by anyone with minimal knowledge of electricity.

Three Phase Diesel Generator

Triphasic or monophasic? Three-phase generators are for industrial use or to connect three-phase machinery. Three-phase diesel generators generate electricity from three single-phase currents to increase the voltage.

The use of diesel generator is usually industrial, for large machines and to supply electricity to large buildings. This is why most diesel generators are three-phase.

Popular brands of diesel generators

There are many brands of diesel electric generators. Here we name some of the most reliable and well-known: Kohler, Perkins, Kraft & Dale, Kaiser, Di Marzio Energy, Honda, Ingco, ITC Power, Generac, Champion, Ayerbe and Kipor.

Where to buy a diesel generator

If you are looking to buy a generator, consider United Tech Power’s diesel generators for sale. The company will help you figure out the best equipment for you and will even install it for you and leave it to work automatically.

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