6 Common Signs You Have Termites in Your House

6 Common Signs You Have Termites in Your House

Around 600,000 American households get a termite infestation every year, which shows it’s a common problem.

Termites damage your home’s insulation and structure, costing you a fortune in repairs. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your home, but you’re not sure whether they’re termites or another pest.

Sounds like your situation? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are six signs you have termites.

  1. Discarded Wings

The types of termites that have wings are the dry wood and subterranean swarmers, which often wreak havoc in spring. Once they land, these pests shed their wings so you’ll notice them scattered around your home. To find them, look near closed doors and windows for evidence.

You may also notice swarmers who travel in groups. If you notice them, then reach out to pest control before they do further damage to your property.

  1. Termite Droppings

Another sign you have a termite problem is if there are droppings, known as frass. These mounds will look like piles of sawdust, a clear indicator that they’ve been gnawing on your home.

You should also look for tunnels as home termites push their droppings down these to keep the area clean.

  1. Headbanging and Munching

Before you learn about getting rid of termites, check whether you can hear the termites headbanging. These pests make a clicking sound to signify danger by banging their heads against the walls.

Further, termites make loud munching sounds when they’re feasting on wood. To check, get close to the wall and see if you can hear them.

  1. Exterior Damage

Look around the exterior of your property for fallen trees or other wood structures. This could mean termites are making a beeline for your home so check whether there are tiny holes and wood shavings in the nearby area.

You should also look for mud tubes, which termites fashion to travel through. They are pencil-width and vein-like, often appearing by your home’s structure. If you notice this, then contact pest control for homes & businesses to avoid a further infestation.

  1. Patches of Moisture

Check whether there’s an area in your home that has been exposed to moisture for an extended period. Termites are attracted to moisture and will start gnawing in that direction so you must take immediate action.

For instance, evaluate your basement or attic as rainwater may have leaked in. To be safe, do routine checks of your home monthly to spot potential problems right away.

  1. Blisters in Flooring

Termites can cause other issues such as blistered flooring. Although it looks like water damage, it’s pests feating on the wood beneath your floor. As a result, the surface looks swollen.

Know the Signs You Have Termites

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know the signs you have termites.

Look out for discarded wings, patches of moisture in your home, and whether there’s any exterior wood damage. And don’t forget to listen out for headbanging and munching. Good luck!

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