6 Signs Your Kids Need Glasses

6 Signs Your Kids Need Glasses

Around 25% of children aged two to 17 wear glasses or contact lenses, which shows how common poor eyesight is for little ones.

Because of this, parents must get their kid’s eyes tested to improve their quality of life and help them focus at school. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your kids’ behavior, and you reckon it’s a change in their eyesight.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are six signs your kids need glasses.

  1. Squinting

A major sign you should book a kid’s eye exam is if your little one constantly squints. This shows that your child has a refractive error which makes it harder for their eye to focus on an image. As a result, children squint so they can temporarily see the object.

If you notice this, then prioritize eye care for children to prevent any further issues from developing.

  1. Sitting Too Close to the TV

Consider browsing children’s glasses if your kid sits too close to the TV or computer screen. Also, note how often your child brings digital devices up to their nose as it’s a telltale sign of myopia.

Otherwise known as nearsightedness, people do this if they have clear vision at close range but struggle to see into the distance.

  1. Complaining About Headaches or Eye Pain

Seek eye care for kids if your little one complains about suffering headaches or eye pain. This will affect children more at night because they’ve spent the entire day overexerting their eyes so they can see clearly.

If you’ve noticed this, then book an eye exam to see whether they need glasses for kids.

  1. Head Tilting and Covering One Eye

Children will poor eyesight will angle their head or cover one eye to focus on the object. Or, it may be because they’re struggling with double vision. This could be a sign that your little one has amblyopia, otherwise known as a lazy eye.

  1. Trouble Concentrating at School

Have your kid’s grades plummeted? Are they finding it difficult to focus?

Instead of blaming poor time management, consider your kid’s eyesight because it could be the cause. Kids must constantly adjust their visual focus so they can read the blackboard and take notes, either on their computer or book.

  1. Constantly Rubbing Their Eyes

Another sign you should browse kids’ glasses is if your little one constantly rubs their eyes. This is because of eyestrain or fatigue trying to focus their vision. If this goes unattended, it could cause eye allergies, so book an eye exam ASAP.

Signs Your Kids Need Glasses

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know the signs your kids need glasses.

Familiarize yourself with the telltale signs such as squinting, sitting too close to a screen, and concentration problems. Also, be aware of regular headaches and eye rubbing as it’s a sign your little one needs an eye exam. Good luck!

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