5 Ways To Say Goodbye to Postpartum Belly Fat

5 Ways To Say Goodbye to Postpartum Belly Fat

A woman who was at an average weight before getting pregnant should gain between 25 to 35 pounds after becoming pregnant. After childbirth, many women strive to return to their original weight. It helps to have a plan if you want to lose your postpartum belly fat.

You don’t have to go through your mommy makeover alone, though.

With these five weight loss tips, you can shed excess fat and accomplish your weight loss goals.

Start shedding your unwanted, postpartum fat with these simple tips today.

  1. Breastfeed

Nearly half of all women gain more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy. Before you start using these weight loss tips, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. Otherwise, you might set goals that are too difficult to achieve.

First, consider breastfeeding during the first six months of your pregnancy. Breastfeeding can benefit you and your baby.

In fact, breastfeeding can support your postpartum weight loss goals.

You might not experience weight loss during the first three months of breastfeeding. It’s normal to increase your calorie intake during that time. You’ll likely experience reduced physical activity, too.

Remember to remain patient with yourself as you follow these weight loss tips.

  1. Monitor Calories

As you work through these postpartum belly fat weight loss tips, start monitoring your caloric intake. Monitoring your calories will help you determine how much you’re eating. You’ll have an easier time detecting potential issues with your diet as well.

You can:

  • Take photos of your food
  • Use a mobile calorie tracking app
  • Keep a food diary

As you start monitoring your calories, determine whether or not you need to reduce your portion sizes. Consider consulting a doctor to ensure you’re eating nutritious foods, too.

  1. Adjust Your Diet

In order to shed excess fat, you’ll need to make smart adjustments to your diet. Stat by:

  • Choosing fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Stocking up on healthy proteins (nuts, lean meats, eggs, etc.)
  • Avoid added sugar and refined carbs (pastries, fruit juice, white flour, etc.)
  • Avoid highly processed foods (chips, cookies, candy, etc.)
  • Drink water

Healthy proteins can help decrease your appetite and calorie intake. They can also boost your metabolism.

Consider keeping healthy snacks on hand as well. For example, you can eat seaweed snacks, mixed nuts, and Greek yogurt.

  1. Start Moving

Get moving! Develop an exercise plan that includes aerobic exercises to burn calories.

For example, you can jog, run, or take your newborn outside for a walk. Try resistance training, too.

Otherwise, consider getting a tummy tuck by Dr. Alizadeh.

  1. Get Sleep

As you use these tips, make sure to get plenty of shuteye. Otherwise, a lack of sleep could impact your weight.

Get help from friends and family to get the sleep you need.

Bye, Bye, Belly: 5 Ways to Get Rid of Postpartum Belly Fat

You don’t have to live with your postpartum belly fat. Instead, use these five tips to shed the excess fat you’ve gained. With these mommy makeover tips, you can accomplish your weight loss goals in no time.

Searching for more tips? You’re in the right place.

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