7 Must-Have Automotive Tools

7 Must-Have Automotive Tools

Automotive Tools

Do you have a vehicle that you want to take good care of? If that’s right, then you need to always be ready for some basic glitches your vehicle might develop. Even if you are a DIY mechanic, there are things you can never do without.


This guide contains seven must-have tools for every car owner or DIY mechanic.

1. Colored Socket Sets

Many people are still not aware that these amazing tools are available. Therefore, they end up spinning sockets to find out what size they are. You don’t have to waste your time doing all that, especially if you are in a hurry.


Colored sockets are amazing. Instead of storing the size in mind, you only need to know the color. You will be able to save a great deal of time when you begin using these tools to fix your vehicle.

2. Torque Wrenches

Every mechanic needs to have a good selection of top-quality torque wrenches. Your wrenches should come in a wide range of sizes. They also need to have a certificate of calibration, especially when still new.


Note that for smaller bolts, you will need the ¼” size that measures 0-30nm. Also, for higher torque, you will need the ones measuring ¼”. Torque wrenches shouldn’t be overlooked just because they are used for smaller bolts.

3. Tap and Dye Set

There is no need to struggle with things when you have a tap and dye set. You can use them to clean, repair, and even create newer threads for your bolts and nuts. For instance, if your threads are corroded, you will need a thread gauge on a bolt to help you find out the correct dye or tap to use.


But if you intend to create completely new threads for your bolts, find the drill-tap size chart. It will help you find the ideal-sized drill that you will need for that tap.

4. Blow Torch or Heat Gun

These are some of the tools you will need regularly. If you don’t have them, owning an automotive would be a stressful experience for you. The best time to use them is when you need to break thread-locks like Loctite before you try to remove any bolts.


To make the process even easier, you need to heat the casing around your bolt. Also, before you begin or start the process, you need to use the WD40.

5. A Bag of Rags

This is one of the greatest things you can ever spend money on. If you have ever worked on a motorbike or a vehicle before, then you know how a bag of rags can be helpful.


If you don’t want to spend money on these, then it is okay to use your old t-shirts. But you want to make sure they are made of the right fabrics to clean various surfaces and components. However, we recommend having a bag of rags that you can always clean and reuse.

6. Hose Clamp Pliers

With hose clamp pliers, you don’t have to waste time with mole grips and pliers. However, mole grips are still a better option when dealing with smaller clamps. Hose clamp pliers make it easy to remove big spring-type clamps. If you have ever tried to remove the clamps using pliers, then you know how hard the process can be.

7. Brake Cleaner & WD40

It is easy to think that your brake cleaner is only meant to clean brakes and dicks, but that is not true. But it is called the magical spray since you can use it to get rid of all types of gunk. Since your brake cleaner contains chemicals, you need to wear gloves when using it.


There is a good chance you have heard of WD40. You will use it to free bolts, stop squeaks, and clean parts. Therefore, you need to have it as one of your essential automotive tools. 

Closing Thoughts


Note that this should not serve as a comprehensive list of critical automotive tools you need to have. However, you need to make sure that you have all of them. Make sure that you buy these tools from some of the top automotive tool brands that are known for their high-quality products and customer service. Whether you are a car owner or a DIY mechanic, these tools will ease a lot of tension for you.


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