The Ministry of Transport conducts annual tests to check if your vehicle is safe to drive and safe for the environment. This test should be differentiated from the annual service provided by the car manufacturer or company. Annual car servicing is a voluntary act for taking care of your vehicle while MOT tests are mandated by law in most countries i.e it is legally required to check if the vehicle is safe/worthy to be driven on the roads and highways of your state and failure to get your car tested may invite some kind of penalty. Usually the MOT test in Essex is mandatory for the vehicles which are two to three years old. So it is advisable to start getting these tests done annually after the first couple of years have passed to check if your vehicle meets the standards and criteria set by the authorities. The rest of this article will elaborate on why it is a good idea to get the MOT test done and what are the various steps of this test.

  • The most essential and functional parts of the vehicle are checked thoroughly by an expert. This starts with checking the clear view a driver is able to have while on a journey. Any tint which is unsafe is removed and also if there is permanent dirt or stains which are blocking the view of a driver, the vehicle might fail the test. In fact this is one of the most basic reasons why vehicles fail the MOT test. Rear end mirrors are checked to see if they are providing the much needed view. Stickers if any that obstruct the view of the driver should be removed before taking the car for the tests.
  • The registration plates are checked properly. If the registration number is not visible clearly or the plate is broken or partially damaged, the vehicle might not be cleared.Also, the registration plates should be correctly attached to both the front and back end of the vehicle.Therefore, it will be wise to check the condition of the registration plates before putting the vehicle to test.
  • The level of battery water is checked. The levels of essential oils of the vehicle e.g engine oil and brake oil is checked and the vehicle will not be cleared if these oils are not at an optimum level. 
  • The headlights,backlights and brake lights of the vehicle are thoroughly examined and many vehicle owners overlook this matter which leads to non clearance of the vehicle.
  • One of the most important parts of the vehicle which undergo continuous wear and tear are the tyres. It is very important that the tyres maintain a good grip with the surface and provide appropriate frictional resistance to avoid slipping or skidding. One of the main parts of the MOT test is to examine the tyres completely with regards to the extent of wear and tear in them and tyre pressure.
  • The effectiveness of the seat belts is checked. They are afterall one of the main instruments of protecting the passengers and keeping the passengers safe is the primary objective of the MOT test.
  • A pollution check is done on the vehicle to check if the emissions emitted from it are within the permissible limits as established by the concerned agencies. If the vehicle exceeds such standards, it won’t pass the test.
  • The overall robustness of the steering system and suspension of the vehicle is also checked.

As you can imagine now, all aspects of your vehicle which affect the safety of the driver and the car are checked annually along with the environmental effects that the vehicle causes. Failure of the vehicle owner to get this test done can invite various penalties such as a fine or can lead to the revocation of your car insurance. It is best to get the test well in time. At the end of the day, this is for the well being of all road users in general and such initiatives of the government should be supported. It has been established by many studies that road accidents in the UK have come down after this mechanism of MOT test was adopted. So get your vehicle in order and go get it tested. Enjoy your safe journeys. 

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