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Agency vs In-House Recruitment: Which Is Better for Hiring Top Talent?

Do you find it difficult to hire good employees for your business? Not only is it hard to find good workers, but it also takes up a lot of your time. From posting the job to reviewing resumes and scheduling candidate interviews, you can lose a lot of valuable hours to employee recruitment.

That’s why many people turn to recruitment agencies. Some people also decide to hire in-house recruitment professionals to handle the process. It’s not easy to decide which route to go, but the article below should help you make a decision.

Below, you’ll find a list of the pros and cons of in-house recruitment and agency recruitment. This list should help you make an important decision about how to recruit talent for your company. Read on to ensure you’re aware of all the benefits and drawbacks of in-house recruitment and agency recruitment.

Agency Recruiters Often Find Candidates Quickly

Agency recruiters have a vast network of resources that they can use to find candidates. Their only job is to find top talent for your business, so they can focus on this task at all times. Agency recruiters can also screen candidates so you don’t have to waste time on unqualified candidates.

In-House Recruiters Know Your Company Well

The people who work for your company can easily explain the company culture to potential employees. They’ll be able to answer detailed questions about your business operations that agency recruiters might not be able to.

It’s also easier to communicate with in-house recruiters quickly. They’re available on your company’s communication channels.

Agency Recruiters Might Only Be Driven by Numbers

One of the biggest issues with agency vs in-house recruitment is that agency recruiters are expected to hit their numbers at a rapid pace. If you hire the wrong recruitment firm, this approach could result in the agency delivering low-quality candidates in an attempt to hit their numbers quickly.

You can avoid this by doing a lot of research into recruitment agencies to find one with a good reputation.

In-House Recruitment Takes Away From Other Work

When deciding between a recruitment agency or in-house recruitment, think about how your in-house employee uses their time. Unless you’re hiring at all times, in-house recruiters likely have other tasks on their plate.

They may help with onboarding, or perform some human resources work as well. If you rely on your in-house recruiter to find the best way to hire something like a Vice President or other executive, it could take time away from their other tasks.

You’re Ready to Decide Between Agency and in-House Recruitment

Now that you know the pros and cons of in-house recruitment and agency recruitment, you’re ready to make your decision.

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