All that You need to know about Hat Bands 

All that You need to know about Hat Bands 

Trimming your hat with elegant bands evolved from a mourning ceremony in the year 1861. Yes, it was for the first time people had worn a black band around their hat to mourn for Prince Albert’s death. Though the journey of hat bands began with demise, the usage these days perpetuated as a fashion statement. Today you will come across different styles of bands that help you make a style statement. 

This article will give you complete information about the bands. You will get to know

  1. The Significance of Wearing the hatband
  2. The material with which bands are made
  3. Understand Hat trimming

Significance of Wearing the Band around the Crown

The hat bands signify dignity and the material used in the band determines class. People mistake the term band with a hat, as it usually goes inside as a sweatband. But this is the one that is worn around the crown to accentuate style and wealth. 

You can wear a hatband for different occasions. Thanks to the makers that the bands are available for every occasion. Be it happy or sad, the types of hatbands are available to match the circumstance. 

You can wear it to make the hat look new as well. The wearer can change the bands from one hat to another. If you have an old hat and you are planning to wear it for a wedding, wear the band onto the hat to make it look newer than ever. 

Hat Band Materials

Hat bands are made of almost all the materials you make your clothes – cotton, silk, satin, and even leather. The type of material determines the durability, as always. At the same time, you must take care in protecting the bands made of thin materials. A numerous range of materials is suitable for making elegant bands that you can wear for different occasions. 

You may find the bands made of leather. A few bands may also have a buckle and set a unique style for your attire. The cotton or woolen bands look elegant on fedora hats. At times, you can differentiate the type of hat to the kind of material too. Have you ever come across people wearing hats with feather bands on them? It is a hairband.  Don’t get surprised if your friend wears a beaded hatband for a beach party. 

Hat Band Designs

There exist different hatband designs that come in different colors. They can be

  1. A solid-colored one, usually a black ribbon around the crown
  2. A Native American Pattern 
  3. A set of seashells or feathers

Additionally, you will also find striped bands with different color contrasts. 

Trimmed Hat adds Value to Your Presence

Decorating your hat is called trimming. With bands made out of different materials and also handmade bands make your hat looks unique in the crowd. There are many designs that you can create using the bands. A few of them are

Vertical Cross Hat Band: These are wide bands in their breath and runs seamlessly over the crown without any cringe. The vertical bands are always in contrast in color with that of the hat. 

A flat Bow: This is one of the styles that experts recommend for a professional outlook. A bow as we wear a tie is above your brim. 

Mini Belt Bands: The leather or satin band with a buckle on the crown is one style. Usually, such bands are narrow with golden buckles. 

Care for Your Bands

  1. You can clean the bands, but it is a rare scenario. However, the material determines the frequency of washing. Use mild detergent and always dry it by hanging the band downwards. 
  2. If it is a leather band, use a leather cleaner to maintain the shine
  3. Remove the band from the hat if you have multiple hats. The band might form the shape if it is connected to one particular hat all the time. 

There are possibilities that your band might get grime. You need to be careful while removing it. Do not scrub the band hard with any rough material. It may spoil the texture of the fabric. Use cotton on a ball of soft wool, dip it in water mixed with detergent, and gently rub the surface. Wash the band with lukewarm water. Use different wool or cotton for this purpose. 

The strap-like accessory adds tremendous value to your hat. One can mix and match the bands with the hats. At the same time, select the right type for the right hat. You will look awkward if you wear a leather band on a straw hat. Wearing a hat with a Hatband sets a unique style. Every time you change the band, the hat changes its outlook, and that’s for the flexibility factor for you. 

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