8 Benefits of Massage Therapy to Improve Your Everyday Life

8 Benefits of Massage Therapy to Improve Your Everyday Life

Massage is a lot more than just a chance to unwind and relax, though isn’t that reason enough to schedule an appointment? Here are our eight favourite clinically confirmed physical and psychological health advantages.

1) Reduction in Muscle Inflammation

Massage is quite relaxing for stiff muscles. However, it does more than just make individuals feel better. According to a study conducted at McMaster University in Canada, massage affects the activity of particular genes. This genetic reaction produces an anti-inflammatory response similar to ibuprofen, shortening workout recovery time.

2) Sleep Aid

Tension and stress raise cortisol levels, which are unhealthy. Massage is effective in reducing cortisol levels in the body by about 30%. Cortisol, when elevated, has been linked to numerous ailments, including insomnia, anxiety, and digestive troubles.

3) Helps with Anxiety and Depression

Reducing physical and emotional stress is critical for enhancing overall health and well-being. When cortisol levels fall, serotonin — one of the body’s anti-pain processes — rises by an average of 28% after massage therapy. By doing so, you are assisting your body in combating pain, anxiety, and feelings of despair. Furthermore, the warmth of physical touch has been shown to help combat feelings of isolation that are frequent in anxiety and depression.

4) Improves Lymphatic Circulation

The lymphatic system is a component of your body’s immune system. Our immune system, as we all know, is critical in preserving health and preventing sickness and infection. The lymphatic system is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells. It also gathers pollutants along the route and washes them out through the lymph nodes. The pressure used during massage improves circulation, allowing blood to flow more freely through the body’s problematic areas. As a result, this activity enhances lymph fluid circulation and transports metabolic waste away from important organs and muscles.

5) Relieves Headaches

Headaches can be caused by a variety of factors. Tension, stress, increased cortisol levels in the body, sinus pressure, and barometric pressure variations can all contribute to headaches. Massage can help to avoid headaches by reducing cortisol production and controlling stress levels. It can also be used to treat active headaches by focusing on pressure points and relaxing tense muscles in the face, shoulders, and neck that may be contributing to the pain.

6) Lowers Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure increases your chances of having a cardiac event, such as a heart attack or stroke. Massage treatment sessions on a regular basis have helped to lower blood pressure levels. Longer-term investigations have demonstrated a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure values. Massage may be an excellent complement to your healthcare plan for attempting to manage your hypertension.

7) Helps You Cut Weight

Massage is probably not the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about reducing weight. Massage has proven to be beneficial for many individuals who are attempting to reduce weight. To begin with, exercising loose and flexible muscles is considerably easier. Many people find it difficult to begin an exercise regimen while their muscles are sore. Massage has the potential to enhance motivation to exercise by making it less uncomfortable. Massage is also a terrific non-edible incentive or treat for someone who is dieting.

8) Increases Your Libido

Massage is not something you have to accomplish on your own. Couples massage can promote closeness in a relationship, although individual massage has been shown to increase libido. It can also improve your sex life by boosting circulation, reducing stress, increasing flexibility, and treating pain. Massage has been shown to enhance the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin, which reduces stress and helps you get in the mood.
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