All You Need To Know About Gin

All You Need To Know About Gin

Nothing can beat the warm feeling you get when you have a glass of gin and tonic. Thank your local gin distillery for giving you the gift of this phenomenal spirit. What else do we know about gin besides how to turn it into a tasty cocktail? Let’s find out what gives this beloved drink its signature taste!

 What Is Gin?

Gin is a clear spirit made of grains, like wheat. It has a rich, pine-like flavour that came  from Juniper berries. These berries are the standard flavouring used in gin production.

It was invented by the Dutch chemist Dr. Franciscus Sylvus. He named it “genievre,” which is the French name for “juniper.” It was used as a medicine to cleanse the blood of people with kidney problems.

The English mass-produced this spirit in the 16th century, and it spread throughout the world. The Netherlands and England are now the best-known countries for making gin.

How Is It Made?

The essential ingredient to make this drink is highly concentrated ethanol that comes from grain. The most common grains used are wheat, barley, corn, or rye.  It is purified in a gin distillery until it reaches 96% alcohol by volume.

Next, you need to add your botanicals. These are the plants like juniper, almond, or anise – all of which give your spirit it’s delicious flavour. You should add these ingredients while the liquor is still being made to have a very concentrated flavour.

Gin usually ranges from 40-47% alcohol by volume. The usual ones sold commercially have 40% alcohol.

You will know your drink is of good quality when it has a herbal flavour with a pinch of citrus. Dry gin usually has a lot of junipers, so the taste is more pine-like. Newer flavouring styles use less of the berry and focus more on fruits and spices.

What Is Distillation?

You can separate the components of a liquid you want to keep from ingredients you wish to discard using distillation. It’s a purification process for alcohol like gin.

A popular way to distil gin is to steep it in botanicals. The ethanol will already have the berries’ taste and aroma, creating a rich flavour when it condenses.

 What Are The Types Of Gin?

There are different ways to make gin, and these can create unique flavours. The most common types are:

1. London dry gin

It is a very dry gin that uses a large amount of juniper. It has an aromatic and flowery taste.

2. Plymouth gin

This gin is more on the fruity side, and it’s commonly used for cocktails.

3. Genever

This is the original Dutch-style gin. It’s aged in oak casks for one to three years, and it’s pretty sweet.

4. Old Tom gin

It is a sweet gin that uses simple syrup. It’s primarily found in the UK, but you can also find several in the USA.

5. New western dry gin

It is a new type of gin, and it was released in the early 2000s. It doesn’t use much juniper, and it has a milder taste.

Gin is an excellent spirit that appeals to so many people. All the different distilling and flavouring styles will ensure that you find the right blend for your taste buds. Now, get comfy, cuddle up in your blanket, and enjoy a delicious glass of this wonder liquor.

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