Why Is Buying The Right Sports Bra Important?

Why Is Buying The Right Sports Bra Important?

No matter how much every woman’s growing up journey varies subjectively, the one experience we all simultaneously share is the introduction of bras in our lives. While some find the perfect one for them right away, it is completely normal to take time sifting through the various types to find the right one. Among all the different styles available now, one that never disappoints is girls sports bras. This remains a top choice among women and is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe as it has a number of benefits that are unique to it. Here’s why buying the right girls sports bras is so important:

  • Support: Support being the first and foremost thing required in any good bra, girls sports bras provide more than enough of it. They are designed in a way to offer ample coverage to your breasts and minimize movement by holding them in place. This is extremely important considering that too much breast movement during physical activities like jogging, exercising, running, etc. can damage your breast ligaments. This is also the reason why girls’ sports bras are the number one choice of activewear.
  • Prevent Sagging: Too much breast movement or even discomfort because of wearing the wrong bra can lead to problems like sagging. This gives your body an unflattering silhouette but with the right girls sports bras, you can easily prevent this.
  • Regular Temperature: Fabrics used to make girls sports bras plays a part in this. Most fabrics are adept at being breathable for the wearer so as to regulate body temperature when it rises during exercise.
  • Absorb Sweat: Since girls sports bras are considered the best activewear, it is only natural that factors such as sweat and moisture are taken into account when designing these bras. They now have moisture-wicking properties that absorb sweat quickly and effectively, keeping you dry throughout the day, even at times of intense physical activity.
  • Comfortable: It is a well-known fact that girls sports bras are as comfortable as they come. Since the straps are wide and evenly spread out, there is no unnecessary tightness that hook straps can sometimes cause. As you can put these on by simply pulling them over your head like a t-shirt, sports bras are also the easiest to handle, being the go-to choice for young girls who are new to bras.

Types of Sports Bras

  • Low Impact – provide light support for activities that create minimal breast bounce. Activities include Yoga, pilates, walking etc.
  • Medium Impact – provide support for activities that create moderate breast bounce. Activities include Gym, boxing, cycling
  • High Impact – provide support for activities that create a high amount of breast bounce. Activities include Running, aerobic, dance, etc.

Tips to buy the right sports bra

Now that you know how girls sports bras benefit you, find below a few tips that you can consider before finally buying one:

  • Sports bras are designed differently from everyday bras. And so, ensure that you measure yourself carefully before you start.
  • Prioritize comfort along with the right fit to avoid any doubts or confusion in the future.
  • Look out for factors such as chaffing, straps, band, cup and support.
  • Buy from reputed and trusted brands and online stores. This you can easily figure out by looking at the reviews and ratings given by previous customers.
  • Look out for options with respect to the features such as wirefree, racerback and compression girls sports bras.
  • Try your very best to find a store that has the largest range possible to give you the greatest possible choice.


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