Easy Guide in Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Basin

Easy Guide in Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Basin

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in a home. People use it from waking up until before bedtime. Bathrooms should be comfortable and convenient for the users by having all the things that the family needs. With that in mind, designers make sure that the bathroom they make is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the key items in the bathroom is the bathroom basins. Any bathroom is incomplete without it. These basins come in various materials and styles. With that in mind, it is wise to choose the best one that suits the bathroom space and usage.

The market offers tons of choices regarding bathroom basins, and buying one can be daunting. With that being said, below are some easy guidelines for choosing the perfect bathroom basin.

The style

Remodeling a bathroom can improve the house’s aesthetics, unlike the other spaces. This tiny space can express the homeowner’s style or a fusion with its vintage and architectural elements.

Basins come in a traditional bowl, sleek glass, warm wood, and a period pedestal. While the budget can affect the buyers’ options, it is wise for the buyers to have their preferred style in consideration, too.

The mount

Bathroom basins come in various mounts:

  • A sleek, clean look can be achieved with an integrated, solid-surface sink.
  • A flush-mount sink can also provide a sleek look.
  • The under-mount sink is placed under the countertop, providing a smooth counter surface that is easy to clean.
  • A top-mount sink is placed over the countertop and the easiest style for DIYers.

The materials

Most bathroom basins are made from white porcelain, with various colors. Custom solid surface materials or ready-made can be shaped into both sinks and counter to fit the bathroom’s space. Cast iron sinks with enamel come in custom colors, designs and very durable. Stone, metals, and glass can be molded into custom sizes and shapes to provide more bathroom aesthetics. Meanwhile, wooden basins are modern and the most expensive options available.

Space measurement

The measurement is the most crucial factor to consider in choosing a bathroom basin. A homeowner can’t have a marble counter with a porcelain basin that is large enough to bathe in if they only have a small bathroom to decorate.

It is important to determine the bathroom’s available space before buying a new bathroom basin to ensure a perfect fit.

Know the storage option

The bathroom should have a place where the homeowners can put their towels, soap, shampoo, and other bathroom items. Replacing bathroom basins is the homeowner’s best option if they need more space in their bathroom.

Get a professional help

It is wise to talk to a professional to get some help when installing a new basin to know the pros and cons of the designs. A bathroom designer or even the store’s representative provides the buyer with the best ideas of what will work best for the bathroom space, budget, and style. The more information the buyer collects, the better decision they can make.

These are the things that the buyer should consider in choosing a nice basin that perfectly fits the bathroom. The bathroom basin should look good, durable, and comfortable to use with enough space for bathroom stuff without occupying too much bathroom space. Moreover, choosing a basin for the bathroom should be fun rather than stressful.

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