All You Need To Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

All You Need To Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

Do you have a wedding to attend next week for which you wish to flaunt the perfect tan? In that case, sunless tanning is the best option for you. You obviously do not have the time to soak in the sun to get a natural tan in a week’s time. When you think of spray tanning in East Boca Raton, you should look online for a “sunless tanning near me”. You will find many Boca tan salons that you can walk into to get this done.

How is sunless tanning done?

This can be the best option when summers are over or you need to get a tan quick. Sunless tanning products or self-tanners contain DHA which is a color additive. When applied, it reacts with skin’s outer dead cells to darken the skin. The tan fades off after a few days. Sunless tanning is preferred because it is safe and will not expose your skin to the harmful UV rays. Spray tanning is when a mist is applied all over the body containing DHA.

8 things to remember when getting a spray tan:

  1. Prior waxing/shaving: You must not shave or wax on the day of tanning; it should be at least a day before. Waxing after undergoing tanning will make the tan appear patchy. Besides, it is important to exfoliate the skin well at least 8 hours prior to your appointment for spray tanning. This eliminates dead skin, making sure the tan is uniform. One should focus on knees and elbows as these are areas usually darker compared to the rest of the body.
  2. Avoid perfumes: You must not apply deodorants, perfumes, or any kind of makeup when you walk into a tanning salon for spray tanning. It is best to avoid wearing tight clothes or shoes that may rub off the tan causing it to look uneven. Rather, stick to dark-colored, loose-fitting dresses.
  3. Tie the hair: You should ideally have your hair tied up in a bun to avoid the spray from getting onto it. You can use a hair band to prevent any accidents. Wearing nail polish is a good idea to protect the nails when you come in for tanning.
  4. Moisturize post-tanning: Tanning salons will advise you to moisturize your skin with sunless tanning products. You must not pick up just any lotion from the supermarket as these can have ingredients and oils that can fade the tan.
  5. Avoid body washes: To make sure your tan stays for long, it is best to stay away from harsh soaps, oils, and exfoliants. These products will make the tan disappear faster.
  6. Check weather: It is probably a good idea to check the weather before you head off to a tanning salon. In case it is likely to rain, make sure you have an umbrella handy to protect your new spray tan.
  7. Shower: You must not shower before 8 hours have passed after walking out of the salon. This gives ample time for the spray tan to settle on your skin to give the perfect sun-kissed look.
  8. Choose a good tanning salon: Finally, to get the best spray tan, make sure you choose a reputed salon which hires professionals. They will have the expertise and experience needed to use sunless tanning solutions.

So, for any special occasion, you no longer have to worry about how to get the perfect bronzed look. Sunless tanning makes it possible in a safe and hassle-free way.

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