The first thing we notice when interacting with someone is their smile. The smile of a person is the difference between being attractive and not. The lips play a vital role in determining whether the smile is attractive or not. Earlier, if you wanted the perfect lips, you would have to be born with them. But today, because of the marvels of technology and innovation in the beauty space, there is a second option. The second option is cosmetic surgery – lip fillers in particular. 

Cosmetic surgery was somewhat taboo in the early 80s and 90s, but this trend has been reversing as more people have accepted it as normal. In Australia, cosmetic surgery has more than 50,000 searches on Google every month, with Botox and lip fillers leading the line with 12100 and 9900 searches, respectively. The benefits of cosmetic surgery are as follows –

Look Good, Feel Good

A well-known fact is that looking good is feeling good. When you look good, you have increased self-confidence, and positivity almost radiates from you. Cosmetic surgery gives everyone the chance to feel better about themselves and their body and its skin. You can change your smile with a lip filler and reduce fat in your body through liposuction. The possibilities to look good are almost endless with cosmetic surgery. Most people who are inclined to cosmetic surgery are anxious about their looks and lack self-esteem at times. Cosmetic surgery is a great way to improve their self-esteem, reduce their anxiety and make people comfortable in their bodies.

Physical Benefits

Cosmetic surgery is also done for its numerous physical benefits. It can be an instrument to improve physical well-being. Cosmetic surgery can be the solution to improving your general and modern lifestyle. For example, rhinoplasty can improve the shape of the nose and hence help to breathe and how your nose looks. Liposuction can help reduce fat in the body in places where it is incredibly stubborn. This motivates you to maintain a good combination of diet and exercise, which helps you improve your physical wellbeing. These procedures can help people change the way they live their lives and can have ever-lasting benefits.

Career opportunities 

Although it might sound odd saying this, cosmetic surgery can open many doors for you in your career. It has been proven that an attractive salesperson is more likely to sell products than someone who has unappealing features. This study is rudimentary, but it still holds credibility. Models and actresses need cosmetic surgery to advance in their careers more likely than nought. This is not a form of generalization, it is a consensus amongst different groups, and there will always be exceptions. 

In conclusion, the benefits of cosmetic surgery are tremendous and can help people from different walks of life. Just like anything else, cosmetic surgery has its cons too. There’s always a risk of an allergic response to the anaesthesia, as well as infection. You may be dissatisfied with the outcome of your surgery too. 

There is also a risk of the surgeon not understanding your requirement and messing up the surgery. All in all, the choice of having cosmetic surgery is incredibly subjective, and there must be thorough thought that must be put into this life-changing decision. 

Marisa Lascala

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