Craving a private corner? Design your own she shed!

Craving a private corner? Design your own she shed!

Just how many times in a day do you think of escaping the daily rigours? What wouldn’t you give to have a quiet corner to nurture that hobby you have long sent to a sabbatical? Or simply curl on a couch with that book you couldn’t read for weeks although it stays on your nightstand? Well, for all you ladies, here comes the “she-shed”.

Ø  Best tips to design the most amazing she shed on your property!

A shed practically is a small room in your outdoors that tends to provide you a quiet time alone in the home. Well, this might become the most precious corner in your home. You tend to spend your ‘me time’ in this space, calm yourself, learn new skills and even enjoy your hobbies here. And when the functionality of this shed is so close to your heart, how can this be left as a plain structure? Don’t you want to create the most adorable space as your ‘she shed’ in your home? If the answer to this question is yes, then keep reading to design the most fabulous she shed on your property.

o   Get started with the basics — By basics we actually mean setting up a nice little space in your outdoors for the shed. Obviously, when you have freshly constructed concrete driveways in Melbourne via Curaconcrete, you can immediately start constructing the shed. Their team excelling in providing extremely fabulous aggregate concrete driveways in various forms ensures that the base of your outdoors is strong and beautiful – and you no longer have to worry about a separate flooring for your shed. Now you can directly hire a contractor to add a small shed in your property. And if the local laws require you to seek permissions for it, go for it without fail.

o   A nice entrance — The entrance to your shed should be inviting and rejuvenating. It should immediately lift your mood. After all, you shall spend some happy times here. How about a rustic wooden door painted in happy and bold colours like yellow, orange, or simply red?! You may even paint or stencil motifs for added aesthetics. Immediate energy booster for sure!

The theme indoors — Now decorating your she shed is not about extravagance. It is creating a relaxing space for you that may serve a purpose (say, dance floor, gym, library). It should be flexible enough to grow if your hobbies change. Start with a nice coat of paint on the walls. The nice concrete floors you already have ensure that the space is low on maintenance but high on aesthetics as far as the floor is concerned. Now search your attic or flea market for a few cosy furniture, furnishings etc.

The happy corner — We suggest you create a mini happy corner in your little shed. This would be the small place where you can arrange your precious stuff. It might just be a nice bookshelf with your favourite collection of books and a plush lounger with a throw and side table (along with a rug to zone that area and give you a soft spot to rest your feet) to enjoy reading or even just to snooze. If gardening is your hobby, you may add a cabinet to store your tools and gear and also keep some indoor plants around. If you want this to be your dance floor or gym, you may arrange the stuff accordingly. If you are a movie or music buff, you may set up your swanky gadgets here. The crux is, this space should be a personalised extension to enable you to do stuff you love, your own “happy space”.

Finally, if you especially emphasise on the landscaping around the shed, the positive vibes and beautiful views would surely soothe your soul. Also, don’t forget that the lights you choose for your shed are going to influence your mood as well. So, pick them up wisely. After all these, we are sure that your she shed would be everything that you or any woman in the world could desire.

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