Sealing the concrete – all you need to know!

Sealing the concrete – all you need to know!

When you have concrete in your house, the words like sealing, grinding, and polishing are quite frequently heard. If you delve deep, these services were especially introduced to make your concrete floor last longer. Not that we doubt the durability of this material, it is an excellent long-lasting flooring option for any part of your house. But, with time, you will see that the concrete starts getting damaged and even flakes come out from it. Well, that is the time when you have to think of the abovementioned services for your concrete. Especially the sealing process.

Ø  Everything about the concrete sealing process!

Concrete sealing is a perfect process to seal a layer of concrete to protect it from the harsh weather effects, from the wear due to heavy objects, and even to get rid of the tough stains and grime on it. And experts from GrindWorks providing concrete grinding and polishing services also carry out the job of sealing such floors perfectly well. Their immense experience in this field ensures that your concrete surfaces are tougher and better than before. But in case you intend to seal the concrete floor on your own, here’s what you should know:

o   You need to clear the area first — You just can’t seal the concrete if there are furniture or other objects occupying the surface. Get rid of everything on the floor to make it ready for the sealing process.

o   Sweep, wash, and clean the area — Next, get rid of the dirt and mess on the floor. Sweep the surface to remove the dry waste and pressure wash to get rid of the tough grime — make it as clean as possible. (You may even pour a concrete cleaner especially available in the market to deal with the tough stains on the surface.)

o   Repair the cracks — Do you see the eyesores aka the cracks on the floor? Now it’s the perfect time to fill them up. Use a concrete mixture and fill in the gaps, level with a trowel – tadaa! It’s done!

o   Select your sealer — There may be around dozens of sealer variants for different types of concrete manufactured by different companies, each with unique qualities. Now is the time to get the one that suits your type of concrete base the best. Pro tip – go for the top-most quality of sealer to enjoy the results for decades.

o   Apply it on the concrete Next you should apply the sealer just as you coat a layer of paint on your walls. (Ensure that you cover each and every part of the surface and apply the coat evenly.) Use a paint brush for better and perfect results. Let it dry for an entire day before using the space.

o   Follow up with a second coat — Consider this as an optional step, but if the need arises, apply a second coat.

If everything goes out well, you are going to enjoy the benefits of this sealing on your concrete for a good number of years. But if you think you aren’t confident for the job, you can always call the experts to do the task for you.

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