Everything About Wave Curtains And Why Are They So Popular?

Everything About Wave Curtains And Why Are They So Popular?

Handmade or designer-curated curtains undoubtedly offer a lasting impression, and the curtain header style you choose alongside will also add weight to your decor depending on how well they fit with the rest of your room’s elements. This brings us to the most commonly asked question “What is a wave curtain and why are they so popular?”. Without further delay, let’s jump onto answering the exact question.

What is a wave curtain?

The top of any curtain is also known as the header of the curtain. In this portion, the fabric used in the curtain is accumulated or gathered in a certain way which basically differentiates one type of curtain from the others. Some of these types include eyelet, pinch pleat, wave, double, triple pinch pleat etc. These types of headers differ from each other in a certain way and each one of them provides a different look altogether. In a wave header, the fabric is gathered in such a way that it looks like rippling folds. This form of curtain header is mainly used in cosy places to give it an informal and relaxed look and feel just like your home.

Where will wave curtains give the perfect look?

Wave curtains are generally suited for sleek and discreet curtain tracks and they are suitable for all average-sized window panes. As they have rippled folds, they basically give a contemporary and relaxed look to your home. Wave curtains with tracks work perfectly in large open spaces such as halls like living rooms and kitchen diners.

Does it solve any real window problem?

The track of wave curtains is slim which make it more ideal for tall windows or where there is limited space above the window to install a pole. Just like other types of curtains, they are ideal for creating dark spaces or if you want to create spaces with less light. The best part about wave curtains is that it fits perfectly in rooms that are limited on available spaces. Even if you have limited wall space, wave curtains can be an ideal choice for you because of the unstructured style of wave headers.

How can wave curtains make your window look special?

We all know that frames on a picture make it look more sophisticated and elegant. The same goes for your windows. With wave curtains pulled to the sides, your window will look like a picture with an opulent frame on its sides. This simple styling helps you not only to maximise the entry of sunlight into the room but also helps you to frame your window beautifully. Moreover, if you’ve got good taste in prints or designs, then a wave header curtain is only for you.

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