Surfing Guide 101: Which Take Off Procedure Is Right For You?

Surfing Guide 101: Which Take Off Procedure Is Right For You?

When you’re just starting as a beginner surfer, one of the biggest challenges that you have to face is to find out the correct procedure to take off using your surfing board on the water. There are multiple ways through which you can move from a prone position to a correct surfing position. But, you might be wondering, what are those methods?

Well, we’re glad that you asked because, in this comprehensive topic, we’ll be covering some of the most popular surfing take-off procedures out there. The task for you here is to choose the technique that works ideally for you because not everyone might have the same preferences.

The Various Methods Of Taking Off As A Surfer

  • Knee Sliding

According to a popular surf shop online in the UK, for the knee sliding process, the surfer has to keep both of his or her knees onto the surfboard, in a forward stance position. After that, the surfer must bring his or her front foot forward, in between both of his or her hands, and then slowly stand up on the surfing board.

  • Pushing Up

When performing the pushing-up method, the surfer has to lift his or her entire upper body from the surfboard. Then slowly, the surfer should bring his or her back foot forward and then the front foot. Finally, the surfer should be able to stand up on the surfboard. Do remember that this method can only be practised on a bigger surfboard, especially foamboards or longboards because the surfer needs to keep his or her toes onto the tail of the surfboard effortlessly. In case the surfer uses a shorter surfboard, then his or her toes will simply touch the water.

  • Chicken Wing

You can proceed to use this method on any type of surfboard of your choice. To perform this task, you have to first slide the back foot forward, while also keeping it onto the board. The position should be such that it looks like a chicken wing. Once you place your back foot firmly onto the surfing board, the upper body must be pushed upwards and then the front foot should be brought forward before finally standing.

  • Pop Up

This pop-up technique is the most popular out of all the above-mentioned options. Moreover, it’s also the fastest & easiest method to get yourself on your feet on the surfing board. In this method, the surfer makes a contact with the surfboard using his or her knees, hands and lower thighs. Quickly, space is created between the body of the surfer and the board, and the surfer stands up in a quick motion.

Thus, we’d highly suggest trying out the pop-up method first and then moving onto the rest.

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