What’s New? 5 Latest Bathroom Trends You Should Try

What’s New? 5 Latest Bathroom Trends You Should Try

Last year’s unforeseen events have rekindled our interest in styling and organizing our homes, and they continue to influence our approach to adding convenience to our lifestyles. Some of the design trends that are thriving well into mid-2021 are focused on upgrading our bathrooms and for many good reasons. 

Next to the bedroom, the bathroom is where you, oftentimes, start and end the day. Unfortunately, it’s also often the one room that we take most for granted. But, with the benefits that a clean and organized bathroom can offer, you may just want to reconsider how you treat this space. 

Why Should You Update Your Bathroom? 

• Add Storage Space 

The pandemic has changed our lifestyle in more ways than we can imagine, and you’re probably stocking more supplies than ever, particularly hygiene and beauty products. With all that, you can benefit from organizing your bathroom and making more room for your essentials. An over the toilet space saver may just do the trick in providing the extra storage you need. 

• Improve Safety 

Over time, homes experience wear and tear, and often, this is most evident in the bathroomchipped tiles, slippery floor, water leakage, damaged electrical cables, etc. If your bathroom has any signs of these damages, you should consider remodelling it to improve safety. 

• Boost Efficiency and Sustainability 

Your house may have been built at a time when energy efficiency and sustainability were not much of a concern. But, times have changed and you may want to switch your old pipes and fixtures with more eco-friendly, energy-efficient options to save on water and electric bills. 

• Increase Property Resale Value 

When done right, a bathroom renovation can help increase your property’s resale value. Studies suggest that you may even get as much as 66% of the renovation cost back in the resale value. It goes to show that if you’re looking to sell your house in the future, remodelling your bathroom sounds like a good idea. 

• Update Aesthetics 

Probably the most obvious result you would get in organizing your bathroom is an updated look. It’s often the core motivation that inspires homeowners to take on bathroom remodelling projects, browsing through social media for the latest ideas and trends. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the latest design trends that show up in both powder rooms and bathrooms. 

Update Your Bathroom with These 2021 Design Trends 

White + Wood 

Bathrooms in monochromatic colours may have been a trend in the past few years. But, that has changed dramatically this year as we moved on to lighter, Muji-inspired bathrooms that accent white with warmer, wood tones. Various shades of wood pair nicely with vintage and industrial designs, so it’s not surprising that they’re cropping up again to create a classic feel in an otherwise modern bathroom. It provides an option to homeowners who aren’t quite ready for the boldness of black. 

Smart Bathrooms 

Aside from aesthetic reasons, people are also upgrading their homes to make their lives more convenient. Last year, smart toilets were all the rage. But this year, everything in the bathroom is getting a high-tech upgrade from automatic hand sanitisers, hand dryers, sinks, and showers. There’s also the built-in Bluetooth speaker system and voice-activated features that you can connect with the rest of your smart home appliances. Thinking of a day at the spa? These technologies can help recreate this relaxing environment right at your home. 

Industrial Style 

While an industrial style may not be for everyone, it is one that you should expect to dominate the bathroom scene this year and beyond. Its modern and unfinished look offers various possibilities on how you would decorate your bathroom and you can hardly go wrong with it, too. Think of all the possibilities with metals, wood accents, and concrete finishing to create a space that looks raw, edgy, and unfinished, yet cohesive. 

Compact Storage 

2021 was all about paring down our lifestyle to the essentials. It has helped us get rid of unnecessary things and focus on those that improve our lifestyle. As we move towards minimalism, people are investing in compact storage solutions that not only keep things organized but promote minimalist habits as well. These include hidden cabinets, modern wall shelving, any storage that makes a room look less cluttered. This is particularly true in bathrooms where you can most benefit from maximizing the vertical space. An over-the-toilet storage solution, for example, can make it feel more open and organized. 


Bathtubs never go out of style and with so much going on these days, we all deserve a spa-like treatment even while at home. It largely explains why homeowners are trying to achieve Art Deco-inspired bathroom vibes with bathtubs as the focal point. For those who can’t afford a built-in porcelain one? Portable bathtubs are the most practical solution, offering a place to wind down after a long day. 


We welcomed 2021 with a heightened awareness of cleanliness. As hygiene continues to be a top priority, expect interiors that support your efforts to maintain a clean home without sacrificing an ounce of style. This much is true in high-traffic environments like bathrooms as well as living rooms and kitchens. While on the topic of sanitation, we’ve also seen people filling their indoor spaces with plants to improve air quality and circulation. 

Overall, statement bathrooms are nothing new. But, as we continue to stay more at home, we can refocus our energy on updating our spaces and making them more suitable for our current lifestyle. These trends can be summarized into a single theme that leans toward nature-inspired, organic looks, which has gained popularity mostly in kitchens and baths this year. We can expect more trends to emerge as we move forward, but the ones listed above should give you a general idea of what’s influencing most homeowners today. 

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