Guide to choosing the best quartz countertops suppliers

Guide to choosing the best quartz countertops suppliers

Buying the best kitchen countertop for your home can be a daunting task. It’s easy to settle for something that doesn’t suit your kitchen or lifestyle.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It brings your family together for Christmas, birthdays, and Mom’s best Sunday dinner, so let’s treat her with the respect she deserves and find a Quartz countertops supplier that perfectly matches your style. 

So how do you know which kitchen countertop is ideal for you? Well, first of all, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

What’s your budget?

Kitchen quartz countertops can fit most budgets, but you don’t want to save on such a focal point, so make sure you can afford exactly what you want.

Do I have enough time to install it?

We all lead busy lives, be sure to take the time to tear up and replace your old quartz countertops or any other countertop.

Will I hire a professional to install it, or will I do it myself?

Depending on your skill level and the type of work plan you choose, it may be possible to tailor yours. However, make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you start cutting anything!

Do I need a heat-resistant countertop in my kitchen?

Of course, we all set a hot pot down only to find that it left a mark on our counter. If you want something that is heat resistant, be sure to choose the right quartz countertops.

Am I good at cleaning up and wiping up any spills immediately?

Some counters can be easily damaged by spills, while others tip over with their step. Choose wisely, or it could cost you later!

What surface have I dedicated to the work surface? Most worktops have a maximum length. If you want your countertop to be one piece with no visible joints, make sure you’ve measured your space correctly.

What color and texture do I want?

 There are almost limitless choices regarding color and texture, so finding the right one can be a bit daunting. 

Once you have answered these questions, you will understand the different countertop materials and make the right decision.

Let’s take a look at the different types of countertops you can choose.

Types Of Countertops

1. Granite:

Granite is a very popular stone choice for countertops. It is elegant, luxurious and adds a touch of quality to the kitchen. It is also durable and functional – two of the most important qualities you look for in a countertop.

Advantages of granite countertops:

  • They save you money because they last a long time and do not devalue.
  • They are strong enough to withstand the heat of anything hot.
  • They are not only hygienic but also very easy to clean.

2. Quartz:

Quartz countertops, although it is an artificial stone, has the durability of natural stone. One of the best things about quartz is that it is scratch-resistant and can easily resist chipping, making it low maintenance.

Advantages of quartz countertops:

  • Quartz countertops suppliers can be personalized according to your preferences thanks to the wide range of colors and textures available.
  • They are not porous and therefore do not require waterproofing, making them very resistant to stains.
  • They contain 93% natural quartz stone and 7% bending resin, making them strong and durable.

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3. Ceramic:

People love ceramic countertops because they are versatile and hygienic. They are also easy to match with a particular kitchen theme, thanks to the variety of colors and textures available.

Advantages of ceramic worktops:

  • They are already beautiful and stylish, but they can also have a unique look with decorative tile pieces.
  • They are less expensive than their counterparts in cost and do not require replacement for years.
  • They are very durable and resistant to heat and humidity.

4. Glass:

Many people choose to go for a glass countertop because it helps them make a modern design statement. These countertops are sleek, shiny, and have a super sleek look.

Plus, glass countertops come in a ton of different colors and unique designs. For example, broken glass countertops are a popular choice for homeowners. Can highly customize glass worktops to your preferences.

Advantages of glass worktops:

  • They are very durable, in addition to being resistant to heat and water.
  • They can be cut to the exact size/shape needed to fit your kitchen design and are also available in colors that will not fade.
  • They do not allow the accumulation of stains or mold, which makes them hygienic.

5. Corian:

Corian is a popular brand in the solid surface countertop market. The solid surface material is produced by mixing plastic resin and bauxite pigments. Once created, it is glued to a wooden substrate to create a solid surface countertop.

When it comes to matching the countertop to the kitchen theme or design, Corian does a great job. Since this is not a natural material, you can get a large sheet to create a “one sheet” countertop with no seams or seams.

Advantages of Corian countertops:

  • They do not have a chipboard core, which makes them very flexible by design.
  • They are not porous, which makes them hygienic and resistant to dirt/bacteria. There are also no seals to trap germs.
  • can easily remove any minor damage such as scratches and minor marks with normal cleaning products.

6. Wood:

A solid wood worktop can completely transform your kitchen. Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen, these countertops can add natural beauty to the place.

For a traditional look, maple, oak, and beech work well. For a slightly more exotic touch, Wenge, Bamboo, and Iroko are excellent choices. What makes wood worktops unique is that they develop even greater character and aesthetics over time.

Advantages of wooden worktops:

  • They improve with age and, with proper maintenance, can be kept in good condition for a long time.
  • They are strong, which means you can sand away any accidental damage.
  • They are naturally resistant to germs and bacteria.

7. Laminate:

Laminate countertops are made of high-density particleboard, then covered with plastic laminate. Currently, they are the most popular choice for countertops. They are available in different sizes, colors, and designs to help you achieve your desired look.

There is a wide range of options to choose from, such as matte, glossy, smooth, torn, standard, and river wash. There are also laminate countertops that mimic other effects such as granite and wood.

Advantages of laminate countertops:

  • They are affordable and can easily fit into your budget.
  • Their waterproof surface makes them easy to clean in the event of a spill.
  • They can be easily installed without professional help.

8. Stainless steel:

Many restaurants use stainless steel counters for a reason. They are very heat resistant and durable, making them an ideal choice for heavily cooked kitchens.

Stainless steel worktops contain a high nickel and chrome level, which gives them a heat-resistant and stain-resistant quality. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Advantages of steel worktops:

  • Unlike natural stones, they are not porous, which means they do not stain and do not harbor germs.
  • They are not only heat resistant but also water-resistant. No liquid can penetrate the material in any way.
  • They are custom-made to match the look of your kitchen and are also easy to install.


Take your time when choosing the best Quartz countertops suppliers for your home, as it can be an investment that not only invigorates a tired kitchen but can also increase the value of your home. Once you’ve decided on a kitchen countertop, try hiring a professional installer if you can, as the last thing you want is your expensive countertop to look cheap and shoddy. A professional installer will make sure your countertop is perfectly designed, cut, and installed.

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