How to style the area rugs effectively: A buyer’s guide

How to style the area rugs effectively: A buyer’s guide

A rug is not just a decoration piece for a floor. It is much more than that. As far as area rugs are concerned, they are specific and particular in terms of styling. Therefore, you just don’t buy an area rug, you style it. Well, how to style it with your interior? Let’s explore this together. Area rugs are meant to be placed in a specific area of your home in harmony with other accessories. Similarly, you need to create an ambiance with the help of your aesthetic senses.

First of all, add a colorful rug to the room which looks boring to you. Secondly, create a sense of harmony along with it. To style an area rug in your home décor, you need to visualize what kind of look you want. If you wish for something modern go for boldly patterned area rugs. However, if you wish for something classic and elegant, opt for neutral tones.

This discussion on how to style the area rugs will interest you effectively. For this purpose, the following guidelines will help you style your area rug in the best way:

  1. Define the space/area
  2. Bring variety
  3. Bring harmony 
  4. Play with the color scheme
  5. Use it to dress up the wall
  6. Get the right size for the rooms
  7. Get the right stair runners
  8. Use a rug liner
  • Define the space/area:

As the name suggests, an area rug can specify or define your space effectively. First of all, set a focal point in your room or wherever you want to place the rug. Secondly, fixing a certain area for the area rug will help you arrange the whole place accordingly. Setting a focal point for area rugs is the key. 

For instance, if you have bought an area rug for your living room, the focal point is the space in front of the main couch. Similarly, if you wish to use an area rug for your dining room. Place it under the dining table. Hopefully, defining the space for the rug will do the purpose effectively.

  • Bring variety:

Creating variety is the key to having an attractive home interior. You do not want your house to look boring and monotonous. Therefore, you need to bring variety to your household by using area rugs. Rugs bring a contrasting element into your living space. 

For instance, if you are planning to place two area rugs in a wide living room. Do not choose the same size. It will divide the whole space. In this case, place a square rug in front of the couch and a round rug under the table. It will provide variety to that area.

contemporary rugs

  • Bring harmony:

You should follow some sense of harmony when decorating your household. Therefore, when you are done with buying the rug, harmonize it with the rest of the space. Try not to overdo it with different patterns and designs. Your area rugs must be in contrast with the furniture and the walls. 

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In other words, be creative and sensible with your arrangements. So, when you are done buying it, arrange it well.

  • Play with the color scheme:

 While looking for an area rug, always consider your furniture. Buying colorful rugs is not the only task. Besides, if you already have furniture and curtains, play with the color scheme. The rugs may not match with the furniture. That is okay. However, you can style your area rugs to enhance the existing look.

Use bold colors for a dull room. Similarly, you can add a neutral rug with dark furniture. It is up to your aesthetic sense. For a bedroom, use deep red or aqua rugs, etc.

  •  Use to dress up the wall:

You might already know that area rugs are not only for floors. However, they also look stunning on the wall. Many people use vertical rugs as wall hangers. And they look beautiful. With beige ann off-white walls, you may use a bold contemporary rugs style. As a result, you will attract the guests’ attention. It will automatically create a focal point.

  • Get the right size for the rooms:

This is the most important thing when styling an area rug. When you buy area rugs, never ignore their size. The right size should be the key. Firstly, keep in mind that an area rug should not cover the floor completely. Always leave a 3 to 4 inches area at each side of the area rug. 

Secondly, consider the room when buying a rug. For instance, if you want an area rug for a bedroom, buy a square or a rectangular shaped rug. Similarly, a vertical long rug goes for the corridor.

  • Get the right stair runners:

The rug for a staircase is very significant. Usually, rugs for staircases are vertically long. They are fixed from top to bottom. For this purpose, go for border patterns as it is used roughly most of the times. Do not overlook the material because it holds every step of yours. Try to find the sort of rug which does not slip away. Besides, it must be soft underfoot.

  • Use a rug liner:

Most importantly, always use a liner to keep your rug from slipping or creeping. Use an appropriate rug liner for your floor type, and also the right size to fully prevent the rug from sliding. A rug loses its value when it frequently slips away. As a result, you end up removing it. Make sure you use a rug liner.


To summarize, do not just buy the area rugs for your home décor. Also, style it creatively. The above discussion is a complete guide if you are buying area rugs. Choose the right size and the right pattern for your rugs. Keep them in harmony with your household. Experiment with different shapes and colors and bring variety to your living space. It will bring refreshing vibes for the inmates and guests too.

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