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Having differences with your parents? Here’s how counselling in Singapore can help to strengthen the family bond

Singapore, as a country, is one of the most developed nations in the world with advancements in technology, infrastructure, facilities, etc. However, the current mood and hot talk of Singapore has been shifted to the different counselling in Singapore available for almost all concerns of the people including relationship management, family issues, psychological issues, etc.

The main purpose of family counselling in Singapore is to ensure all emotional and mental concerns of the family members are taken up on priority and resolved to better the relationships amongst all the members. It is so important today to have personal space along with enough family time to become a better human being in the future. But, given the sudden heat of the pandemic in 2020, the time spent at home with the family has managed to create troubles and weaken the family bond overall.

In order to keep the family intact and well-integrated, open discussions and honest confrontations is a must.

Common Family Issues

  • Indulgence With Substance

One of the most frequent complaints or reasoning for weakening family bonds is substance abuse. As children, the peer pressure around them can result in unexpected over indulgence of substance in day-to-day life, hindering their ability to comprehend and acknowledge other family members. This results in unhealthy miscommunication.

  • Improper Communication

The generation gap between the parents and the children within a family is not as big as it was before. Due to the same reason, parents and children have unsaid expectations of either of the parties to be more understanding of the other. This causes tension and forces children to move out when things go haywire.

  • Lack of Boundaries

Another common reason why family bonds start to break over time is the lack of boundaries between family members. The concept of personal space plays a major role in healthy relationship development within a family as every individual needs alone time to comprehend his/ her thoughts before channelling it out in the wrong sense to the family instead.

How Can Family Counselling In Singapore Help?

As mentioned before, family counselling in Singapore is available especially for those families that feel they can benefit from a third person point of view and also genuinely want to work towards improving family relationships. It gives you a safe space to interact and channel out your inner thoughts and inhibitions directly with your family members, without the fear of judgement. Other benefits of family counselling in Singapore include the following:

Improves Communication

Miscommunication or lack of proper communication is the root cause for breaking up a family. However, with the help of counselling in Singapore, you can benefit from more open minded conversations within the family members, to enable healthy and direct communication and reduce friction in the family bond. As children, it is important for us to keep in mind our parents’ cultural upbringing before challenging them with our opinions, which can be done with the help of proper counselling in Singapore.

Allows Development Of Healthy Boundaries

For most countries, it has been more than a year since COVID-19 has restricted the citizens’ travel plans and movement outside their houses. In the beginning, family time was a blessing as parents and children got together to know more about each other. But with time, the boundaries between the children and parents started dissolving, increasing the fights and arguments in the family. With effective counselling in Singapore, the boundaries can be reset in the right manner to improve relationships.

Encourages Problem-Solving Attitude

Today’s generation of children is highly impatient and intolerant of any level of discomfort, whether outside or within the house. In this sense, the best option is to leave the situation or problem until it resolves itself. However, they have to be taught the importance of trying and effective problem resolution which is exactly what counselling in Singapore teaches the children.

Strengthens Functional Interactions

This is a unique advantage of counselling in Singapore as it focuses on building up or strengthening family bonds on the basis of the structure of the family. It works towards making the family members realise and reinstate their individual roles in the family and change the pattern and attitude of interactions on the basis of the same hierarchical structure. This way parents feel respected and children know how to put across their thoughts in a more constructive yet subtle manner.

Overall, counselling in Singapore for family relationships consists of two-way communication between the family members to allow and encourage open discussions about all possible concerns and issues amongst them. Moreover, it patiently develops the habit of actively listening by the family members to understand where the other person is coming from, allowing better conversations and confrontations, resulting in healthy family bonds. In case you are looking for a similar service, click here to learn more about counselling in Singapore and make an investment to better family relationships successfully.

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