How Do I Choose the Best Professional Printing Service?

How Do I Choose the Best Professional Printing Service?

Your boss has asked you to get a large document printed—but how do you find the best professional printing service in your area?

Because commercial printing equipment can range from $20,000 and upwards, most small businesses don’t print large jobs in-house. Instead, they send them out to a local printer.

If you’re looking to find a local company for your printing, banners, booklets, or posters, here’s our guide to hiring the best printing company.

Ask for Samples First

Not all paper and printing equipment is created equal, so ask your potential printer for samples of their work. Most printers are glad to show you paper samples and examples of booklets or projects they’ve worked on for previous customers.

This will also help you select the right finish and thickness of your paper, ensuring your print job looks amazing. Of course, experienced sales staff make a huge difference too, as they should know all of their paper, products, and services well, in order to make recommendations to customers.

Get a Quote

Your local printing shop can give you a quote on the service before getting started. It doesn’t hurt to approach several companies for quotes, then selecting the best—especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Or, if you’re not sure exactly how you want your project to look, visit here to get some inspiration on posters, booklets, and brochures.

Confirm Delivery Time

Before hiring a printer, check one important thing—delivery time! If you’re on a tight deadline for a work meeting, for example, you want to be sure your printed papers will arrive in time.

If you can, leave a window of a few days, just in case of any unexpected delays. For large print jobs, many printers are happy to deliver the finished project to your office, so be sure to ask if this option is available to you.

Reliability is one of the most important qualities in a printer, especially for corporate printing.

Read Customer Reviews

As with any business, reading reviews is always helpful. Google the printer and look for feedback on sites like Yelp, as they’ll give you helpful insight.

Look for details on the company’s experience, professionalism, and customer service.

Ask Local Businesses for Recommendations

Another helpful tip—if you’re in need of a new printer, but aren’t sure who to hire, why not ask other businesses within your office building?

Regardless of industry, almost all companies use printing services, so you’re sure to get some great local recommendations.

Find the Best Professional Printing Service With These Tips

If you’re shopping around for the best professional printing service, this guide is sure to help. Because printing can be an investment, it’s worth taking your time and finding the right company.

Then, you can come back to them again and again—it’s reassuring to know that your business has an experienced and friendly print company to rely on!

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