How Do I Know Which Is The Right UTV Wheels For Me?

How Do I Know Which Is The Right UTV Wheels For Me?

Choosing the right UTV wheels is important for many reasons. The right wheels mean optimum performance and function from your vehicle. They also increase safety and ensure your UTV will handle exactly as it should.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, it can be tough to make the right decision when faced with an overwhelming amount of wheel options. This guide explains what to look for and how to choose the best wheels for your ride.

How UTV Wheels Are Measured

When it comes to UTV and ATV tires, there are three separate measurements to be concerned with: height, width, and inner wheel diameter, all of which are expressed in inches.

The offset of a wheel is the length from the center weld to the tire beads on either side of the wheel. This is expressed in two numbers, between which is a plus sign. For exampled, 3+2 means the inside of the wheel is three inches and the outside is two inches. When you add these figures together you get five inches, which is the total width of the tire rim.

You should also have an understanding of tire type and terrain type:

Tire Type

Bias-ply tires are made from multiple layers of material, usually polyester or nylon. The material is layered in a crisscross formation for added cushioning. While they provide greater comfort during rides, bias-ply tires offer less control when your UTV reaches top speeds.

Radial tires are made up of cords that stretch at angle from tire bead to tire bead. They also include crisscrossing belts, which can be made from polyester, steel, or Kevlar. Radials are ideal when traveling at high speeds in terms of control, but they offer less comfort.

Terrain Type

All-purpose tires have a medium tread that performs well on many types of terrain. Medium tread patterns are also used for rocky terrain, but with the addition of a more rugged ply to accommodate the rough ride.

When riding on sand, front tires are ribbed for enhanced traction, while back tires paddle configuration. Tires can also be designed for muddy or snowy conditions, as well as sport and racing.

Can You Use Your Motorcycle Boots While Riding a UTV?

If you have a trusty pair of motorcycle boots you already love, you might be wondering if you can’t also wear them on your UTV. Motorcycle or motocross boots are a must for your safety. Boots should have the proper padding to protect the calves and ankles while riding. The soles must also have the proper grip to ensure good traction on the pedals.

If you often ride in muddy conditions, make sure the soles also have cleats, which will help you traverse muddy conditions when off your bike. If your UTV has foot shifters, the boots you choose should also have a toe guard on the left foot.

Whether you’re shopping for wheels, side by side helmets, or another essential piece of equipment, having the right information is crucial. Purchasing UTV equipment and accessories from a trusted supplier is equally important, as it ensures you get the best value for your money.

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