What’s a Super Lemon Haze Oil Cartridge and Where can I Get One in the UK?

What’s a Super Lemon Haze Oil Cartridge and Where can I Get One in the UK?

Vaping CBD vape oil is becoming the preferred way to consume cannabis in the UK and feeling its effects. CBD Vape oil is specifically made for vaping and it comes in many flavors. Among them, is the popular super lemon haze flavor that’s been widely liked and used by CBD fans all over the world. In the UK however, the cannabis scene is quite new.

So, getting your hands on this famous flavor can be a little hard. And that’s what I am here to help you out with. I’ll talk about the Super Lemon Haze Oil Cartridge and where to get one in the UK. Let’s get started!

A super lemon haze oil cartridge in the UK differs from that in the U.S. mainly in regards with the cannabis plant family that it’s derived from. In the U.S., vape oils could either be derived from marijuana or hemp, thus it would be THC or CBD dominant respectively. Whereas in the UK, you can only sell CBD products that are made entirely from hemp which includes some other minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN.

So, all cannabis products in the UK must be CBD dominant and can only contain up to 0.2% of THC as found in hemp. That’s why hemp is the main plant used for making industrial cannabis in the UK instead of marijuana.

Now that you know the major difference between CBD products in the U.S. and UK, let’s get you familiar with the super lemon haze oil cartridge.

A super lemon haze oil vape cartridge has a high strength CBD concentration which may reach up to 65% – much higher than a CBD e-liquid which only contains about 5-10% of CBD. This is because a vape oil cartridge is made entirely from hemp extracts and natural terpenes without using any other agent or carrier oil to dilute it down. Due to this, CBD vape oils are both stronger and much purer than vaping CBD e liquids as you don’t run the risk of inhaling other potentially harmful toxins that could evolve in carrier agents.

The flavoring of these high strength CBD vape cartridges is made by adding natural terpenes to the CBD oil. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in many plants such as conifers and citrus. It’s what gives these vape cartridges a particular aroma. The Super Lemon Haze is a classic cannabis sativa strain. It is a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. This high strength CBD vape cartridge leaves a zesty lemon flavor without being too sweet making it herbaceous fresh with a little tartness. It’s terpenes are also responsible for delivering uplifting effects making it the perfect flavour for day-time vaping.

Even I couldn’t wait to taste this famous flavor myself. So, I started looking for an authentic CBD brand in the UK to get myself the Super Lemon Haze vape cartridge. And boy did I have some luck! Before long, I stumbled upon Paso, a premier CBD brand in the UK that offers a number of flavors to choose from. Among them is their Citrus Eclipse vape cartridge, which is Paso’s take on the super lemon haze. It is one of the strongest CBD vape cartridges at 65%, but also tastes delicious and vapes smooth. By far the best I have tried to date in the UK.

Go ahead, give it a check. I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to resist either.

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