How to Reset Netgear WiFi Router?

How to Reset Netgear WiFi Router?

There could be various reasons behind resetting your Netgear WiFi router. Millions of Netgear users face various issues like firmware update failure, red light issue, router keeps disconnecting, etc. with their router. Performing factory reset is the ultimate solution to get rid of these issues in a snap. But, do you know how to perform factory default reset? If the answer is no, this article will provide you a step-by-step guide to reset your router. This guide will apply to all models of Netgear routers.

But, before we discuss the steps to perform factory default reset, let’s find out what resetting is?

What is Factory Default Reset?

Factory default reset refers to a process in which a router gets restored to its default settings, that is, it erases all the data on your WiFi router. In other words, it means all the personalized settings like SSID, username, and password get deleted,and the router gets back to the state when you unpacked it. Therefore, it is recommended to back up all the data of your router by accessing the routerlogin Doing so will save your time while reconfiguring your router.

You can either perform soft reset for your Netgear router or hard reset. The soft reset method is performed by accessing the router’s web GUI. On the other hand, the hard reset method makes use of a button on the Netgear router. Let’s discuss the steps to perform factory reset by both methods.

How to Soft Reset Your Netgear WiFi Router?

As we mentioned earlier, the soft reset method is performed by accessing the router’s web GUI. So, you have to perform Netgear router login to reset your Netgear router. Follow the steps given below to soft reset your WiFi router:

  • Turn on your Netgear WiFi router and make sure that it is receiving a fluctuation-free power supply.

  • Now, switch on your PC and launch a web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer, etc.

  • Move to the address bar of the web browser and type in it. Press the Enter key.

  • To log in to your router, provide the default login credentials and click the Log In button. Once you press the Log In button, the Basic Home screen will appear.

  • Head towards the Administration option and locate the Reset option. Once found, select the Reset option and click Continue.

Your Netgear WiFi router will be restored to its factory default settings.

How to Hard Reset Your Netgear WiFi Router?

In case you forget the password of your Netgear router or can’t access the page, the hard reset method will help you in performing factory default reset of your router. Follow the below-listed steps to hard reset your Netgear WiFi router:

  • Check that the WiFi router is turned on and the power LED is glowing green.

  • Now, look for the Reset button on your WiFi device.

  • Once found, grab a paper clip or a similar object and press the Reset button with its help.

  • As soon as you release the Reset button, your WiFi device will be restored t factory default settings .

This is how you can perform factory default reset by the hard reset method. This method can be a great savior if your router ceases to work.

Once your Netgear router gets restored to its factory default settings, you need to install it again. Therefore, access the router login page and perform Netgear router setup.


Whether your Netgear router is not working up to the mark or not working at all, the reset methods used in this article will help you fix the issue. We hope that you’ll be able to reset your router by following any of the above methods. If you enjoyed reading the article, then leave a word of appreciation in the comment section.

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