Is Dementia Deadly?

Is Dementia Deadly?

Many people think that dementia is a memory disorder that develops with age. However, although this is not necessarily wrong, the issue is bigger than that. Indeed, dementia is a group of medical conditions associated with a severe decline in cognitive ability or functioning of the brain. Some examples of such medical conditions include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and vascular dementia, among others. As the problem progresses, it can lead to complete brain failure, which can cause death. But what is the relationship between dementia and physical health, and what can be done to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia?

How Dementia Affects Physical Health

There are several ways in which dementia can take a toll on a patient’s physical health and eventually lead to death. Some of the severe impacts of dementia on physical health include:

Worsening Coexisting Illnesses

Many dementia patients also happen to suffer from other chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, among others. Unfortunately, it is difficult for dementia patients to take care of their general well-being let alone manage chronic illnesses. This means that people living with dementia are at the risk of suffering complications from the above-mentioned chronic diseases.


As dementia progresses, a patient’s ability to move independently also deteriorates, meaning that they might be forced to spend extended periods of time seated or lying in bed. Unfortunately, this might lead to the development of pressure sores and ulcers on the skin, putting the patient at risk of infections which might put them in danger.

Malnutrition and Frailty

Dementia can make it hard for patients to eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle. This is because going out to buy food and even preparing meals can prove to be significant challenges for a dementia patient. As the disease progresses, it becomes difficult for patients to chew and swallow food. As a result, people living with dementia are at risk of getting malnutrition and becoming frail.

How to Improve the Quality of Life for People Living with Dementia

For people with dementia to lead a quality life, they need to be supported. If you have a loved one living with dementia, below are some tips you can count on to improve their quality of life.

Encourage Social Interaction

Loneliness is one of the main challenges that many people with dementia have to deal with. This can be explained by the fact that they have to spend most of their time at home. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you engage your loved one in regular conversations. Sitting down and talking with your loved ones will allow them to express their thoughts, which is important to them and even to you.

Help them Establishing a Routine

People with dementia find it difficult to recognize time in the usual way. Therefore, it might make them confused about the right time for different activities. By helping your loved ones to establish a routine, you can effectively provide them with a different way of relating with time.

Encourage them to engage in meaningful activities

People living with dementia also want to feel useful. However, this does not mean that they should be assigned with busy work just to occupy them. Instead, if your loved one is suffering from dementia, you can encourage them to engage in simple activities such as walking or grooming a pet, tending the garden, setting the table, folding laundry, playing a musical instrument, or even organizing household items.

Memory Care Facilities

As mentioned earlier, it may be difficult for people living with dementia to live independently. They need the support of other people to lead a quality life. To ensure that your loved one always has the support they need, you can encourage them to join a memory care facility. Such a facility will ensure that your loved one is safe and that the conditions they have are managed properly.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that dementia is not just a loss of memory. It is a complex medical issue that can lead to many physical death issues and even death. Therefore, if you have a loved one living with dementia, it is imperative for you to support them and encourage them to join a memory care facility.

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