Know The Impact Of Cold Weather On Your Vehicle

Know The Impact Of Cold Weather On Your Vehicle

During the winter season, it’s not only our bodies that feel that cold sensation but also our vehicles. Just like the muscles of our human body becomes numb, thereby making it excruciatingly difficult to work for hours in cold weather, your car also faces similar problems when it comes to running smoothly on the road.

So, how can you make your vehicle function effortlessly even during the winter season, without any glaring setbacks? Well, let’s find out.

Impact Of Cold Weather On The Functioning Of Your Vehicle

  1. The Battery

It should be realised that during the summer season, your car’s battery doesn’t have to work too hard to pump out the electricity to your vehicle’s internal electric circuitry. But, during the winter season, since the temperature drops, your car battery becomes much more susceptible to failure.

Professional mobile mechanic in Brisbane services points out that unless you’re unaware, cold temperatures greatly slow down the chemical reactions happening inside the battery, which affects its ability to provide adequate electric power to the car. As a result, your battery starts to feel sluggish during the winters even if it has good health.

  1. The Overall Visibility

When you drive your vehicle in the cold weather, your car’s windshield is much more subjected to fogging-up, leading to poor visibility on the road. In case you face such a difficulty, it’s suggested that you turn-on your air-conditioning, especially at a low temperature, which will help to clear up the visibility of your car’s windshield.

Furthermore, during the winter season, you’ll also likely face mostly overcast days with less chance of sunlight, thereby making the evenings pitch dark. Therefore, you must ensure that you’re visible to the other drivers on the road, for which you need to use your vehicle fog lights as well as the headlights, so that you can maximise your visibility from the viewpoint of other drivers, thereby preventing any road accidents.

That’s not all though because it’s recommended that you clean your headlights in the winter using toothpaste. Moreover, in any case, you need to pull-over or come to a stop at the side of the road, be sure to use your hazard lights to keep others on the road safe.

  1. The Tyre Pressure

When the temperature of the environment lowers, the air pressure inside your car tyres also gets decreased. This in turn leads to more rubber contact with the road surface, leading to lesser fuel economy while also lowering your road safety and reducing the life expectancy of the tyres.

That’s why we always recommend getting the tyre pressure of your car checked regularly by a skilled mechanic so that you face zero challenges on the road. Lastly, be sure to give us a friendly call if you require vehicle servicing & maintenance.

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