5 Best Legal Websites for Reading Manga

5 Best Legal Websites for Reading Manga

When it comes to reading Manga series online, there are literally so many options available. But it is not very easy to choose among them since not many of these sites are best in terms of streaming manga. You can choose to pick a free or paid website according to your convenience.

It has been observed that those people who read manga on paid sites often have more fun and a better streaming experience than those who stream manga on free sites like manga panda, Mangastream. The reason is of course the quality and variety of manga that is way better in legal paid sites than it is in free platforms.

Here we will take you through some top-rated legal manga reading websites. Make sure to read till the end if you want to improve your manga reading experience

1. Crunchyroll

This website has been around for almost two decades now and still its popularity hasn’t been declined at all. There are very few sites out there that match Crunychroll’s manga quality. This site also hosts manga shows this way if you subscribe to this platform you can kill two birds with one stone.

Like Mangastream, there are literally thousands of manga series on this site and you can read whatever genre and class of Japanese comics you want in a very high print quality. So, subscribe to this site today and have fun with its top tier streaming features and services.

2. VIZ

This platform has its origin in US. Due to increasing demand of manga all over the world many countries have developed their own sites that provide anime and manga streaming services. Viz manga is among the best streaming sites for its cool layout and user interface.

You can browse through the site without any trouble and find whatever you prefer in the manga area. There are manga from every genre out there including action, Sci-fi, slice of life, romance, comedy and many more.

3. Book Walker

This site is another great source of high-quality manga series both the old ones and the latest. If you like to immerse yourself in reading the oldest classic manga, you can easily find that on this site. If you have streamed Mangastream and loved it then we are certain that you will like Book Walker even more.

You can find all sorts of cool manga reading features here like filter search, manga chat forum, manga downloading button and many more. Pick this site to free yourself from worrying about privacy, security and other irritating issues you face on a free manga site.

4. Manga Plus

Manga Plus is Japanese based website that is a haven for manga lovers all over the world. This site is run by the most popular Japanese manga magazine Weekly shonen jump. This magazine is issued every week containing the latest editions of new manga.

Thus, Manga Plus, which is managed by the same company, also offers the latest stuff from the manga world. You can find all the mainstream ongoing manga series here and keep yourself up with all the action that is going on in your favourite series.

5. ComiXology

If you prefer a site that gives you access to Japanese manga as well as other comic books in general, we suggest you pick ComiXology. This site hosts thousands of high-quality manga series both Japanese and DC, Marval comics. The site offers a great many streaming features to its users with over 25000 manga series which is insane.

The website UI is so interactive and effective that anybody can easily manage to navigate the platform and have fun reading their favourite manga. You can also subscribe to ComiXology premium if you want to take your manga reading experience even further and make it an absolute delight.

Wrapping it Up

Though reading manga on free sites like Mnagstream, manga world etc is cheaper but it cannot give you the best experience while reading manga. There are so many legal sites out there that offer great quality manga in a very reasonable price. We suggest you give the above-mentioned sites a go.

You can also visit Past News to learn more about such manga reading platforms. We sincerely hope this information helps you in your search of the best manga reading platform and saves both your time and energy.

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