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Need to Jumpstart your Car Battery? Here is a Step By Step Guide to Do it the Right Way

Emergencies can strike anytime on any day. The least that you can do is be ready with a basic skill set to deal with any extremities. Got lost in a deserted place and your car’s battery has lost its charge or your battery just died and there is a medical emergency, how you wish you knew how to jump start a battery. Starting back a battery without any expert help will always save the day. Here is a list of tasks that need to be done to jumpstart a car battery.

Jumpstarting a car battery can be done through different methods depending on the type of vehicle you own i.e. whether it is manual or automatic.


The car is an amalgam of so many systems like its combustion engine system or its batteries. The engine and the batteries in tandem with each other are responsible for the movement of any vehicle. An engine uses any fuel for combustion that propels a vehicle whereas the batteries give the necessary electrical energy or ignition for starting the vehicle. In order to jump start your car battery the push start method is an age old tried and tested method that only works if you have people to help you push your vehicle.

Here are some steps that will help you to jumpstart your manual motor vehicle:

  • Set on the ignition key but not to the fullest.
  • The car should be in the second gear.
  • Press the clutch and depress it along with the brakes.
  • As soon as someone pushes your vehicle, release the brakes, but the clutch should remain pressed.
  • Release the clutch as soon as there is some movement. This will start the engine.
  • Once the engine starts it will charge the battery.
  • You can press and release the clutch repeatedly if it does not start the first time.

An automatic vehicle can also be started with the help of the push start method. This would require being very careful because an automatic vehicle gains speed in no time. Do not start the ignition before it starts moving. Keep the hand brake on as well as keep the brake stepped on while someone is pushing you.


Mobile mechanics in Sydney suggest using a jump box is the only way to get back your battery to life without the assistance of another car.

A jump starter maintains a charge for a good amount of time and warns when it is low on power.

It can be used to charge phones as well. It comes with its own set of cables and plugs that are easy to connect with a battery. A jump starter is cheaper than a new battery to buy and convenient to store in the car. It can be used on all types of transmissions from a battery charger to a 12V engine.

These methods should be put into use only if you cannot think of any other option.

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