List Of Things That You Should Be Putting In Your Car Emergency Kit

Travelling using a car is not only a comfortable journey but also a luxurious one. By using a car you can move from one place to another while enjoying a lot of conveniences. However, you must remember that when you travel using a car, circumstances can either be favourable or unfavourable.

Therefore, to deal with such unfavourable circumstances, you need to make provisions beforehand, so that your entire journey goes smoothly. That’s why we at car wreckers in Adelaide, have listed some of the must-required items that you should be keeping inside your car emergency kit at all times.

List Of Things To Put In Your Car Emergency Kit

  1. The Manual Of Your Car

You must know that your car manual contains all the information you need to know about your vehicle. The manual comes extremely handy when you’re trying to solve a problem in the middle of nowhere. It can not only assist you in saving your precious time but also any further headaches later on.

  1. Spare Batteries & A Torch

When you’re travelling, especially on unknown roads, you’ll never know what situation you might be facing. Such is the reason why you should always carry some spare batteries along with a good quality torch so that you don’t run out of juice anytime.

  1. Tyre Gauge, Spare Tyre, Tyre Pump & Lever

These are essential tools and equipment that can come to use anytime during your road journey. Be it changing your car tyres or checking the air pressure of your tyres – you can do both of them using these simple tools. Ensure that you keep them always in your vehicle so that you can use them whenever necessary.

  1. First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit should contain some of the essential medicines, antiseptic creams & lotions along with bandages, band-aids and the like. This kit will ensure that if anyone in your car gets wounded or injured, he or she will get instant first aid care without any delays.

  1. Blankets

Whether you’re going for a long-distance journey or a short distance one, it’s essential to keep some warm blankets inside your car. Taking such measures beforehand will help you to sleep within the car in case the need for the same arises.

  1. Water

Water is an essential commodity that should be obtained in sufficient quantities and kept inside your car, even if you think that you’ll not need it. Water can not only help you to quench your thirst but can also be used as an electrolyte for the car’s radiator (for cooling purposes).

We hope that our above-mentioned suggestions will make your journey hassle-free and if you have any additional queries to ask, just let us know.

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