The Future of Self Driving Cars

The Future of Self Driving Cars

Have you ever seen a self-driving vehicle in a movie at thought to yourself that that is just Si-Fi? Well, the Si-Fi is about to happen in the near future. In fact, companies like Google and Tesla have already started working and created self-driving vehicles that do not require a driver to operate. According to information from different sources, self-driving vehicles were expected to start operating on the roads by 2020. However, due to various safety and political concerns, this has not happened. The cars are still projected to start operating in the near future and it looks like more people are embracing the technology. People are enjoying the benefits of partially automated vehicles in the market today and this means there is more to enjoy with autonomous vehicles. 

What is the Idea Behind Autonomous Vehicles?

The idea about self-driving vehicles is quite simple. It is basically about creating a vehicle with various cameras on the outside. These cameras will be able to detect the car’s surroundings and track all the objects around the car. The information sent to the systems from the cameras will help the car to determine how to react. It will use a certain level of artificial intelligence and multiple sensors to operate. 

The idea of not needing a human driver means that the car will have full control of its progress. The technology installed in the self-driving car will allow it to identify other cars on the road, obstacles, pedestrians, their speed and direction of movement.

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Road Safety Predictions

Based on the amount of technology invested in autonomous vehicles, it might be true that these vehicles will help in improving road safety. For instance, the vehicles come with sensors that will help in detecting the speed and direction of other vehicles on the road. Furthermore, these sensors will help the cars to detect how far or close and object is. These cars will come with a pedestrian detection system that help the car to determine whether there is a person in front or behind the vehicle. From research, most road accident happen as a result of human errors. So, eliminating humans from the driving equation might be the remedy for averting road accidents. 

Be it as it may, road accidents cannot be 100% averted. That means there will be someone responsible for the accident. Do you think car accident attorneys will have an easy time with dealing with such cases? Who will be held responsible? The driver, the manufacturer or other drivers on the road? This might be a tough one but nonetheless, there will be a solution. 

Self-Driving Cars and Infrastructure

It is possible that self-driving cars will transform infrastructure. There might be fewer cars in future and that means the spaces used as parking lots can be used for other meaningful purposes. That means, if the supply of real estate properties increases, it could lead to a downtime in value. The transformation could also result in better environments considering the amount of environmental pollution experienced in urban areas. 

To Wrap It Up!

From the look of things, the future of self-driving cars is bright and people will be ready to enjoy their benefits. According to manufacturers, autonomous vehicles will be safer and reckless drivers will not involve others in unnecessary dangers. There are a million reasons why people need to believe that autonomous cars will make life easier and reduce the severity and frequency of road accidents. 


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