Paint Atomizer Cleaning and Purging

Paint Atomizer Cleaning and Purging

India has a booming automobile sector. With the rapid increase in the production of cars, there has been a rapid growth in demand for innovations in the paint application sector of the automobile industry in India.Atomizers play a very vital role when it comes to painting machinery.

Atomizer’s primary function is to transfer liquid paint to a target object. It applies enough force to break up liquids like paints into tiny droplets, which can then be directed by a strong blow of air to cover a specific object.

Prolong use of atomizers can lead to stale flavors and reduce the chamber’s life and even the vaporizer. This could also lead to the build-up of gunk, which can further block airflow, prevent the coil from working and screw with the electric connections between the battery and the atomizer.

This is where Dürr steps in. It is the automotive industry that provides a fast, safe, and environmentally friendly way of cleaning and rinsing the atomizers. Its two products, EcoBell Cleaner D2 and EcoBell Purge Box, have significantly changed paint application technology market.

EcoBell Cleaner D2 – It fulfills the increasing demand concerning cycle time and flushing agent consumption with automated solutions. It cleans the exterior of the atomizers within the cycle speed, simultaneously cleaning the paint channels in the interior of the atomizer. This increases the system’s efficiency as it allows to start the work on the next car in a matter of 15 seconds.

EcoBellPurgeBox –Dürr’s Purge Box provides an environment-friendly collecting system for purge processes of rotary atomizers. It is primarily used in the process of paint application in the automobile sector, and it complements the EcoBell Cleaner D2 when 2-component paints are applied.

In contrast to 1-component paints, 2-component media cannot be purged into the collecting pipe via the integrated return of the atomizer. Instead, they must be discharged to the front via the atomizer. With Dürr’s innovative purging system, the collection funnel remains safe as the residual paint is no longer directed towards it from the 2-component atomizer. During the purging process, VOCs regularly escape into the spray booth.

The EcoBell PurgeBox, on the other hand, collects all the media created during the process of short rinsing, color rinsing, or color pressing.

As the bell cup of the rotary atomizer moves directly into the box, it flushes all the media into the box. Inside the box, there are several special filter mats present which helps the air to escape to the outside and at the same time collect the paint residues. There is no use of additional flushing as the flushing medium is already flowing downwards, which can easily be disposed of with the help of a collecting pipe.

 One of the significant characteristics of the PurgeBox is that in contrast to the funnel solution,  you don’t have to rinse the disposal line completely as the filter mats can be disposed of after use.

Dürr’s EcoBell PurgeBox is highly suitable for the interior painting zones as it can easily be integrated into the grating. In addition, the purging process reduces the overall VOC emission by a whopping 60%.

Just to summarize, if you are still thinking – Is EcoBellPurgeBox the best way to fulfil your paint application needs? Here is a quick recap of its features –

  1. It collects all media during short rinsing, color-changing, or color pressing.
  2. It reduces the VOC emissions by 60% in the paint booth.
  3. You don’t have to purge disposable lines.
  4. Filter mats can easily be disposed of.
  5. It is environmentally friendly.
  6. It reduces contamination in the spray booth due to color changes.
  7. It protects from high voltage flashovers.

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