Pocket Squares: An Elegant Style Statement

Pocket Squares: An Elegant Style Statement


Elegance is the unique statement of style. Style is defined in many ways, and for both man and woman, the word style represents the overall personality. However, it sometimes becomes difficult for people to identify the perfect style statement. At the same time, a small piece of cloth can change the entire personality and creates a definitive style statement of a men’s overall look. For example, men’s pocket squares can redefine the overall personality in a man’s suit and bring out elegance and uniqueness in him.

What are men’s pocket squares?

A pocket square is a small rectangular cloth that gets adjusted to the snugly in the front pocket of coat or jackets, thereby providing a style statement, which brings a delightful appeal to everyone who lays their eye on it. It thereby defines elegance and strength.

How to wear a pocket square?

A pocket square is a kind of handkerchief that is perfect and a great accent piece for any outfit. It is also available in a variety of colours, patterns as well as in different styles. It also enhances the dullest business suit into a festive attire, thereby incorporating confidence and professionalism.

  • To wear the pocket square ideally, one must not mismatch the square with the suit.
  • Similarly, it is also important that the square colour must not exactly match the fabric of the suit or tie.
  • The best selection for pocket square is the contrast colour with attire one is wearing.

What are they made up of?

  • The square is made up of several fabrics, which includes cotton, linen as well as silk.
  • They are used for decorative function.
  • Meanwhile, the silk and linen used in the material must be dry-cleaned to maintain stainless shine.
  • They are smaller than handkerchiefs yet the most elegant piece of attire.

It is also important to fold the pocket square appropriately; the following are the methods to fold the pocket square are-

The Classic Pocket Square Fold-

  • The first step is to flat the entire square
  • Fold it in half.
  • Then, fold the square from up to the bottom.
  • Match the length and the width while folding the square.
  • Finally, tuck the folded square into the pocket of the attire with the edges facing upward.

One-Point Square Fold

  • The first step is to flat the pocket square
  • The second step is to diagonally fold the pocket square from down to the middle, which thereby makes the one edge meet the exact opposite side
  • Then, fold one of the edges in and across the two-thirds
  • Finally, do repeat step thrice with the remaining edges to get a one-point square fold

The Scallop Square Fold

  • The first step is to flat the pocket square.
  • The second method is to fold the entire square piece diagonally from the bottom to the middle, thereby making the corners meet each other.
  • Then, the next step is to fold the gained triangle into half again, which thereby brings the two corners of the square at either end of the first fold together.
  • After the three steps, the square needs to be curled at one of the doubled corners downwards and in. One must repeat this same for the other corner, which lays this one fold over the first one.
  • Finally, the fold is ready to be tucked in the triangular point down inside the pocket of the entire.


The pocket square is a decorative piece of fabric that enhances the flair to an attire, improves the look, makes the ensemble classic and increases self-confidence in any individual. The best way to enhance the professionalism or personality in you is by wearing the appropriate pocket square.

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