Tips For Wearing Suits Better

Tips For Wearing Suits Better

Suits have always been the pinnacle of professional attire. They are known for their attractiveness and classy look. The suits are so unique that one can wear one for any occasion. Men’s suits is supreme when it comes to men’s fashion nothing can match its sharp look and the dominance it offers to the one who wears it. But most men do not know how to wear suits properly. Suit if, worn correctly, can be an eye-catcher. It is why most charismatic figures wear suits. So what is to be known when wearing a suit so that one can look as appealing as possible here are some tips that can help one out.

Never wear the last button:

It is one that most don’t know about that is why it is on top of this list. Leave the last button open. It makes a world of difference. It might seem like a small thing but, the effect it causes is quite impressive. It gives a better shape to one’s body and makes one look more confident.

Don’t sit buttoned

It just looks wrong. That is the truth. If one sits without unfastening one’s buttons, it does not just spoil the look of the suit. It also makes one look fatter than one is. Just undo the buttons while sitting. It’s a simple action that becomes muscle memory if done regularly.

Want to look classy? try a jacket

Jackets over suits make one look a hundred times better. It can be a fabulous accessory for one’s outfit. It is essential to wear a coat over one’s suit during cold winter days. It not only keeps the clothes in better condition, but it also provides better insulation. It can be a great companion for one’s favourite suit.

Tie before the belt:

Here is a simple tip, while wearing a tie, make sure it ends just before the belt buckle. It is the sweet spot. It makes the outfit look continuous and clean. A too short or too long tie can spoil one’s perfect suit.

Cuffs on the wrist and not over the wrist:

Shirt cuffs must end precisely on the wrist. And it should be a bit longer than the blazer. An unfitting shirt makes one look unprofessional. Men’s suits need to look crisp and sharp. A correct fitting shirt is vital for that to happen.

Learn to maintain a proper posture

Maintaining a proper posture is essential if one wants to look impeccable. Great posture comes from practice. Make sure to stand straight with an open shoulder. A good stance not only makes one’s dress look better. It also enhances one’s confidence and character.

Contrast is essential

Suits can gather attention, contrast helps one stand out from the crowd. Make sure that the tie is in stark contrast with the rest of the outfit. It helps to gather the focus towards the face. It is an easy hack to turn people’s focus on the wearer.

Shoes must match the suit.

This one is pretty simple. Make sure the suit and shoe’s color are complementary to one another. This one also helps with the uniformity of the outfit.


That is all. As seen above, all the changes are pretty fundamental, but they can change the way one dresses. Suits are known to create positive energy not only for the wearer. They also bring a positive feeling for people around the wearer. Next time one attends a meeting, wedding or any other occasion, make sure to follow the above steps. one can feel the change, hope this helped all the men out there.


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