Select the best bathroom tiles – follow the tips

Select the best bathroom tiles – follow the tips

Is bathroom renovation on its way or are you building a new house entirely? Well, whatever the reason might be, your main objective is to get nice tiles for your bathroom. Naturally, when you are going out to get this material, you aim at making your bathroom look spectacular So, let’s start the quest for the most magnificent looking tiles for your washroom.

Ø  Best tips to get your hands on the best bathroom tiles!

But why bathroom tiles? You may inquire. Actually, tiles are ideal for spaces like washrooms where the moisture exposure is beyond limits. If you go for other options like paint or wallpaper, it will soon wear out because of the constant water and humidity exposure in this area. While tiles are strong warriors against water leakages and moisture problems, they are also spectacular to look at. And we shouldn’t forget that they are very long lasting solutions as well. That is what makes bathroom tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports the ideal solution for your washroom’s aesthetic requirements. They come in exclusive patterns and designs in all colours and you will get a large collection of these to choose from. However, to ensure that your selection is ideal, follow the tips given below when you are out shopping

o   Keep the wow factor in mind — Whatever kind of tiles you choose, remember that it should look magnificent in your bathroom. By magnificent we don’t mean only the tiles with dazzling effects, but even if it’s a subtle and sombre selection, it should look nice in the space. Pick the colour, design, pattern wisely.

o   Think of the size — Sometimes, the selection of the most suitable tiles depends upon the size of your bathroom. Like, if you are looking for tiles for a very small space, then it is not recommended to go for darker shades. You will have to pick something from lighter shades of whites, cream, yellow or pink. This makes your bathroom look and appear bigger and brighter. You can also go for textured pattern or abstract printed tiles which actually enhance the appearance. However, there can never be a set rule, for interior design is an art form. We have seen compact bathrooms made moody and dramatic with tiles as dark as ebony or even black. In such cases, of course, lighting would play a vital role.

o   If contrasting, coordinate well — Contrasting either between the patterns or the colours is absolutely a lovely idea to try in your bathroom – in fact you may separate out the zones this way – the toilet, the wash basin, the shower. But if you are not doing it wisely, it would turnout to be a great blunder. So, whether you’re looking for an extreme contrast of black and white or just going to get the similar shade in different patterns, remember to picture this contrast in your bathroom first.  Once you can conjure up a pretty picture in your mind, only then pick these for your space.

o   Think of your accent wall — Yes, you can have an accent wall in your bathroom as well. So, when you are picking up tiles for this space, get the most spectacular ones. Nice patterns, impactful colours, beautiful textures, 3D sculptural effect – you shall be spoilt for choice when it comes to tiles. You may even select tiles to create prints, patterns, and mural – this wall would then become a showstopper.

Doesn’t matter if you are going to pick the floor or wall ties for your bathroom, remember to keep all these pointers in mind if you want the best looking washroom in your house. Furthermore, remember, the bathroom should always have anti-skid tiles. Later, remember to match your sanitary wares perfectly with your tiles to give your washroom a really perfect and complete look.

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