Specimen Transportation Kits

Specimen Transportation Kits

The specimens collected at laboratories are indicators of the patient’s health and a crucial indicator. It is in everyone’s safety to ensure that efficient specimen transportation and collection service is established so that there are no ill occurrences or mishaps. Specimen transport kits are a prerequisite for such services, and they should be effective enough to ensure the integrity of the specimens for accurate results.

Path-Tech: Ensuring efficient specimen transport kits 

Founded in 2005, PathTec has been the leader in innovation about specimen collection and specimen management solutions. Specimen transport kits are an extremely integral component in the logistics of attaining results from laboratories, and PathTec can pride themselves on being completely equipped to offer products and services that are so very important to the industry. They offer safe and hazard-free specimen transport kits that can even be custom made to fit the client’s needs. Besides, they also provide solutions relating to inventory management, specimen collection logistics management, and supply and kit management.

Specimen Transport management can be a costly affair, but PathTec works so that their specimen transport kits and other products and services allow the client to reduce costs and be satisfied with their services. Specimens are ever essential commodities and ensuring their safety needs experts such as pathetic.

The best specimen transport kits

 Being industry stalwarts, PathTec offers specimen transport kits that come fully equipped with all the necessary products and solutions that satisfy all specimen collection needs. The standard kits offered by PathTec are:

  • Biopsy Kits: Biopsies are a medical test that involves collecting a sample cell or cluster of cells or sample tissues to ascertain the diseases inside the patient’s body. These kits come equipped for the biopsy needs with two vials, eight vials and 24 vials to suit all requirements.
  • Blood Culture Kits: Blood culture involves ascertaining the amounts of bacteria or fungi in a person’s body. These microbial specimens require utmost care provided by the standard Blood Culture kit comprising bandages, prep pads, biohazard bags, gauzes, tourniquets and gloves for proper collection.
  • Blood Shipper: Blood Shipper containers are designed specifically for the collection and transportation of blood whilst maintaining the integrity of the blood sample. The blood shipping containers come in standardized kits with two vials, five vials or eight vials.
  • Bone Marrow Collection Kits: Bone marrow collection and examination refers to analysing the bone marrow for complications relating to blood-related diseases. These kits come with prepared slides, biohazard bags, cavity foam inserts and tubes designed for specific samples.
  • Buccal Swab Collection Kits: Buccal swab samples are used in the examination of an individual’s DNA. DNA is a very personal sample unique to the individual patient and whose sample integrity cannot be compromised. Pathetic provides a standardized Buccal Swab Kit with foam inserts, cap-shure swabs, address labels and an envelope.


pathetic can also supply customized specimen transport kits that can be designed according to the needs and demands of the clients. Besides the above, PathTec also offers various specimen transport kits that you can be informed about at https://www.path-tec.com/products/standard/.

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