Four-Wheel Drive

Four-Wheel Drive Explained


As of today, we all are aware of Four Wheel driving systems (4WD). One purchases an automobile to drive themselves to their destinations mostly. But how often do we wonder what is inside these vehicles and what causes them to function the way they do? Most people are aware of the four-wheel driving system. But this innovative automobile technology is basically the result of the functioning of an instrument named- the Transfer Case.

How does it work- the intricacies of this automation?

As said earlier, the transfer case is the device that makes four-wheel driving possible. It divides the power transmission of power to both front and rear axles, thus making the driving smoother. Not only does it enable four-wheel drive, but it also allows the user to switch to 2 wheel drive mode.

The transfer case usually involves different combinations of gears and clutches so that the power from the output gear shaft equipment is distributed to both driving axles seamlessly.

The same procedure is performed using a chain or gears in the case of heavy vehicles. The primary purpose is to switch transmission smoothly to both front and rear differentials.

Different types of transfer cases:

Model 18 Transfer case:

This model has been in production for 30 long years. It is sturdy, built with cast iron. It has its applications in Suburban 2003-2006, 40-71 Jeep vehicles, etc.

Transfer Case NP8:

The transfer case np8 has several variants that will help your vehicle perform brilliantly and act their individual parts to execute the four-wheel drive. The NP205 and the NP246 are the most popular types of this transfer case. These are known to provide durability against rugged terrain and weather conditions.

The NP205:

It is known for its ruggedness. It is truly legendary. Sixteen of the thirty Top Truck Challenge competitors from 2004 to 2006 have had 205 integrated into their machines in some form.

The NP246:

It is also a suitable variant used primarily on Chevrolet / GMC, Avalanche 2003-2006 1500 Series, Silverado / Sierra 1500 Series 2003-2006, Tahoe 2003-2006, Suburban 2003-2006, Yukon 2003-2006, etc.

Atlas II transfer case:

The Atlas II is a tough competitor going by the Top Truck Challenge. The main reason that it is preferred is due to its durability in high-pressure situations. It is made with Titanium alloy. It has eleven different input-shaft splines and two front output shafts; This transfer case is available in six different low-range ratios, including the 4.3:1

Advantages of having 4 Wheel Drive:

  •       Helps in smooth transmission of power.
  •       Produces more Torque.
  •       Better handling of vehicles on snowy, rocky tracks.
  •       Extremely suited for offroading.
  •       Getting out of stuck in mud situations.
  •       Slowly covering a slope with more weight on the car.

 The disadvantage of 4 wheel drive:

The major disadvantage of the four-wheel driving system is that it is not economical. It consumes more gas since it generates more power. Also, the fact remains that the maintenance costs are very high for the transfer cases. The only OEM (original equipment manufacturer)-produced transfer case fittings are the most economical choices that one could make.

What happens if the Transfer case is faulty?

There could be many troubles one could run into if there is a faulty transfer case attached to one’s automobile.

  •       Difficulty in changing gears.
  •       Unusual Noises that without any explanation.
  •       Leaks and performance issues.
  •       Irregularity with the four-wheel transmission.


The transfer case is handy if one wants their vehicle switchable between 4 wheel drive and two-wheel driving systems. If you are keen on offroading, are an adventure driving enthusiast, or need to get your vehicle over a faulty terrain, then the four-wheel-drive would be the most suitable option for you.

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