The Best Way to Make HTML Forms for your Website

You often receive requests to contact you from website visitors. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, need support, want to request links, or even to say hello. A lot of webmasters simply list their email address on their websites. Although this way of listing contact information is very common, it has a major drawback: spammers harvest websites for email addresses. As soon as you are added to their list, you start receiving spam, shady discounts, and even viruses.

You should include an html contact form on your website if you want to let your visitors contact you. There is no technical requirement to do this, although you will need some HTML knowledge and website source access.There are three fields in the form below: Name, Email, and Message.

A message will be sent to the specified email address when the form is submitted using “mailto” function. The following HTML form has been broken down line by line1.

Included in this line are the tag’s beginning and the email address that will receive the message. Only the email needs to be modified.

1. Name:

In this line you’ve added the first field from your contact form: an edit box for the user’s name and a label explaining what this field does.

Moreover, you might have noticed that the edit box has two properties: the size is 10 right now, as well as the maximum length of 40. HTML’s “newline” tag is “”.

2. Email:

You can edit your visitor’s email address in this box similarly to the one above. Your visitor will be contacted using this field since it contains their contact information. It has size and maxlength properties that can also be modified.

3. Message:

The message body will be stored in this field. The edit box is no longer there due to space constraints. The HTML field with this name is. Columns and rows properties can be changed to alter the box’s height and width.

You will receive messages from visitors using this button. From “send message” to whatever you wish for the “value” property.

Do not forget to include the closing tag after the form tag at the end of your HTML email form script.

Your email address will remain visible if you build your form using this method. There is still time to harvest it. You need more programming abilities to hide it, since a PHP function needs to contain the mailto command.

However, there are other options when you build html contact form. You don’t need to be a programmer in order to have a HTML form, and it can be created very quickly and easily. If your server does not support PHP, it works too, and you have access to powerful features like attachments, multiple recipients, message history, field validation, and spam defense. The web form code can be generated using an online wizard, and then it can be pasted onto your website.

These are some of the benefits of including contact forms on your website:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Add your comments
  • Inquiring
  • The application process
  • Filling out surveys
  • Getting involved in clubs
  • Responding to multiple-choice surveys

The forms we offer you exist in all kinds of html formats, so all you have to do is copy the form and paste it onto the page you want the form displayed on. The HTML form creator lets you select how many fields to include, name each field, determine its size, and specify whether a field should contain text or numbers. If you want your contact form to blend in with colors and text on your website, then choose the form’s background and text colors accordingly.

It is up to you to decide what information should be mandatory based on what the html form is intended for. If you have only one field you need for your newsletter sign-up then email and name are all you need, however, if you have a number of questions regarding experience for an employment application you can choose for them to be multiple choices or leave them blank for the person to fill out.

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