The Most Common Types of Neck Pain (and How To Fix It)

The Most Common Types of Neck Pain (and How To Fix It)

Pain can be a huge influence on someone’s life. Wherever it is on the body, no matter how mild or severe, it can be a real distraction — and, at worst, it can be debilitating.

One of the common places to get pain is in the neck. Around 20% of people suffer from some form of neck pain, and there are many possible reasons for this.

To work out the cause — and how to treat it — you need to know about the different types of neck pain. Here they are.

Muscle Pain

One type of neck pain can be when the muscles hurt. You might have strained them, or repetitive motion might have caused them to grow sore.

There can be small tears or knots in the muscle and frankly, muscle pain can cover a lot. The best solution for this can be to find a chiropractor for neck pain, such as Waterside Chiropractic.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain in the neck can take many different forms, so it’s often hard to pinpoint if what you’re experiencing is nerve pain.

Some of the tell-tale signs are a burning sensation as well as feeling as if you have pins and needles. If you experience these, it’s unlikely to be just muscle pain.

When it comes to how to solve neck pain that comes from the nerves, you may need to visit a doctor.

Bone Pain

Bone pain is somewhat rarer, but it could be neck pain from injury such as a fracture or the bones could be weak.

If it seems as if your actual bones are sore, you need to seek medical help as soon as possible. This is because bone pain in this area can be very serious, especially if it is severe.

Referred Pain

Referred pain means that it’s coming from somewhere else in the body but appearing in the neck. For example, heart issues may cause pain elsewhere in the body, including the neck.

Because the source is hard to pinpoint, referred pain is almost impossible to self-diagnose. Regardless, if you’re experiencing pain in the neck and there seems to be nothing wrong there, this is likely the cause.


Headaches can often radiate down to the upper neck. They might be caused by something coming from somewhere else in the body too.

For example, wisdom teeth problems can cause pain to radiate through the head and down to the neck.

Sometimes, headaches have an underlying cause that must be treated. Other times, it’s best to just rest and wait until it passes, especially if it’s not frequent.

It’s Important to Be Educated on the Types of Neck Pain

It’s important to know what the types of neck pain are, because if you experience one of them, you may have an idea of why it’s happening. Depending on the type of pain, it’s best to see a medical professional or a chiropractor who can help alleviate the issue.

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