The only shorts you should be wearing this summer are booty shorts

The only shorts you should be wearing this summer are booty shorts

Your hemline will rise as the temperature increases. However, just because it is a bit warmer now than it was a couple of months ago doesn’t mean you should throw on all those short shorts without some thought. Here’s the guide on what type of and where you can carry your shorts.


●      Denim is Back


Let’s not be caught dead with a pair of tight, sparkly shorts this year because the 80s trend flew out the door as soon as the 90s arrived. Denim is making a massive comeback, in case you’re not aware, and it’s the suitable material for your booty shorts for women. However, the catwalks have been kind this year, and there are lots of materials to experiment with if you’ve grown tired of the 90s classics.


If you want to be safe, go with a pair of faded denim that are always in style. Then, take inspiration from the runways and pick up a pair of beige, tan leather, or olive green shorts.”


But don’t get too worked up – there’s already enough on display with your bum out, let alone showing off your knickers. Exposed pouches are also out this year; instead, it’s all about staying elegant.


  • Don’t go overboard with the 90s: crops are a no-no.


The trend is not in 1997 anymore: fashion has advanced significantly since then. Therefore your booty shorts for women should, too. But, of course, if you want to wear hot pants in the year, you’ll need to match them with something even more flashy.


Conceal your stomach and avoid crop tops because your butt is getting centre stage. You can entice with a bit of cleavage. However, a scoop neck is all you need.


  • Wear them with a high waistline


Wear a pair of high waisted pants that sit at the small of your waistline to lengthen your legs. Your features will be emphasised by hugging even the tiniest part of you, and the child will return. Dropped waistlines are only helpful if you want to make your shorts longer, whereas this style is all about showing off your entire leg and bum, so you need as much cloth above the navel as feasible.


  • They aren’t just for gatherings anymore.


Why should something so seductive be reserved for a select group of boozers at an event who are incapable of appreciating it? Booty shorts are appropriate everywhere, at any moment this year. Style them up with a pair of sneakers or Hi Tops throughout the day, then style them up with a pair of heels (yeah, wedges are back).


“For a daylight outfit, pair with a simple white, charcoal, or black t-shirt and for nighttime, add heels and a structured blazer.”


Final Thoughts


It’s a given that if you’re rocking hot pants, you’ll have a little more skin on display than usual, but make the most of it. Don’t spend the night correcting your camel toe, pushing out a wedgie, or nervously gazing around, worrying whether someone is looking at your booty. Let it go; they are. Not having the courage to carry booty shorts for women off is the fastest way to undermine your sexual appeal, so keep your head up and let others admire your cheeky cheeks.

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