The very serious damage of snow on your vehicle!

The very serious damage of snow on your vehicle!

When the temperature falls below the freezing point, you wear that extra jacket and sit beside the burning wooden logs in your home. Well, this protects you from the snow and the harsh effects of it. But there is something under your ownership which falls prey very badly to this weather and needs to be protected. Yes, we are talking about your car. The car is the most damaged thing during heavy snowfall and chilled winter.

Ø  Major damage that happens to your car due to snowfall and chilled weather.

Winters may be your favourite season of the year, but it certainly isn’t the favourite of your car. It bears tremendous damage during this time which often takes away all its life and you are left with only a dead junk or a scrap. And the only option you are left with it is giving away to Wreckers Auckland for cash for cars in Auckland. They tend to accept even the most damaged vehicles and even pick up the same from your property amidst this heavy snowfall. Well, this happens when your car is really badly damaged due to snow. But otherwise, there are mild problems seen in it like the ones we have listed below:

o   Thickening of fluids — The thickening of your car’s fuel during the winter is very common. And obviously, when the fluid is jammed, even your engine wouldn’t work. Though you eventually can ignite the vehicle after 3 or 4 attempts, sometimes the damage can be worse, and you have to visit the mechanic to change the fluids entirely.

o   Dead battery — If the snowfall has been consistent for a week or more, and you aren’t able to move your vehicle from its place, this often leads to the car’s battery getting dead or discharged. If you try, your battery may start working after some attempts. But mostly, these are to be replaced by an expert.

o   Leakages in the car — Just as your pipelines get jammed with ice and start leaking after they break because of the ice pressure, even the fluids and liquids in your car’s parts get frozen and start cracking the transmission system. This leads to major fuel leakage happening from the car when you drive it later. Only a mechanic can help you in mending this issue at such a time.

o   The salty effect — We all know that it’s not just the snow, but even the salt that is sprinkled on the snow together can actually destroy your vehicle. For one thing, your car is made up of metal and corrosion is quite common in it. So, the salt and water together (means the snow) cause extreme levels of corrosion in the vehicle. Secondly, this snow gets mixed with the fuel and causes a massive damage to your car’s engine. And the salt present in the snow can provide many more damages to the vehicle.

Well, this is how your car is tortured by snow during the winters. We hope you keep it securely locked in your garage all covered up to prevent such issues.

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